Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing with Wool

Here's what we're up to today ::
  • make mom a new heatpack
  • work some more on the fiddler's mitts
  • play with cool birthday presents ( knitting doll and wool felt ! )
  • work some more on angie
My Wollmeise has arrived - and i love it.
The fiddler's mitts and angie will be a matching set to wear ,,,,,, eekkk!!
So excited , it will be awesome.

The fiddler's  mitts are my very first colourwork, i've taken little hints from others. Cutting yarn into little balls, wrapping the two strings every 2 stitches or so to prevent holes. I am going somewhere in between really tight tension and loose tension. Add that into following a chart for the first time, and its exciting and mad in a feverish sort of way. But look ! The stranded colourwork is starting to come thru. I don't expect this first stranded project to come out perfect ( too late for that ) , but I see this as a great learning opp. I'm expanding my knitting horizons. You should see how far along i've come , just in the past year. It feels great.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Reflections { in dirty mirrors }

      Reflections .  The last day of my little darlings 6th year . What a wonderful little being you are .
      What a magical presence you are in all of our lives .  What a gift . 
      Before bed he says  " i'll see you tomorrow in my new form , my 7 yearold form " . hee hee .


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Good day to you !
Is anyone interested in test knitting this sweater of Reiko's with me?
I think she still has two sizes up - visit her ravelry site here and
if you are interested message her there !

Birthday Jumper is gettin' stripey !

Recently , I was lucky and won a copy of this new book. I love cook books, and have so very few up here.
Today we're going to try a recipe....desserts first .

   in the entire world ?
{i cant wait}

Friday, March 16, 2012

100% Achievements

Today :: is a rainy stormy indoor game playing kind of day.
The boys by themselves are into a game of battleship.  Probably a bit advanced for 3 year old Nesta, who nonchelantly calls out to me with the question , " Mom,, do boats have lives?"
Here in the pic Jack is saying its Nesta's time to pick a number, while Nesta has more important ideas in his mind. {To fit his feet inside his red pants so he looks more like spiderman}

The garter sweater has sleeves ! Onto the body we march....

{Pictured is our backyard Boab Tree.}
We are under a cylone watch up here. Which means batten down the hatches, secure everything, and expect lots of rain and wind. And more battleship.....
This has been a very mild wet season compared to years gone by. Since this region only gets rain 4 months out of each year, it is crucial that we get adequate amounts during the wet. Usually, March is the rainiest and the hottest. It is also the most exciting, it is my eldest boy's birthday month and also the end of the hot weather. We look forward to much more outdoor time, camping, and exploring together our last dry season in the Kimberley!
**Thank you for the well wishes regarding my test ! And guess what? I passed !
Not only did I pass, but with 100 % ~!~
So now, I do declare myself a citizenship smartypants and attach that 100% to my personal label, much as Mma Makutsi does in The Number #1 Ladies Detective Agency, (by Alexander McCall Smith ) where she scores 99.7% on her Botswana Secretarial School final examinations, and is constantly reminding others and herself of the achievement.
So from 100% to you, have a good day ! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

American Today

Hello all !
I do hope you who are reading this are finding yourselves quite perky and happy in life.
I myself am working now on three sweaters !!
This first little beauty i showed you just last week, it is a Veera child's sweater. I have stuffed up the neck cuff, but we won't talk about that just now. Birthday Boy has chosen silky green stripes. I can't wait to get to the stripes. I love stripes.

Just cast on this week is a  garter stitch sweater for my self.  I bought a case {can i say a case?} of this yarn over a year ago, so it feels nice to give it purpose now. The dk weight yarn and I are really getting along. It is going fast. I do like fast sweaters. The lanolin was left in this yarn also, making it very nice to knit with. Soft and silky, no splits, coiled and springy. It reminds me of Colinette Jitterbug.
Now for my favorite special sweater.
Veera's got several new sweater patterns coming out in the new few weeks, so get your wool stashes organized. This cabled up cardigan makes me so happy. Knit in a sturdy worsted Madelinetosh Vintage. This yarn is amazing. Just as it's name implies, the soft feel and colour is very 'worn' yet rugged. The sturdy yet gentle twist of the yarn gives great stitch definition and is perfect for cabled cardigans. Oh Madelinetosh !
And now.... a stash update this week !! 
{ I buy all of my yarn online, there are no craft shops within a plane flight of where i live.}

If you click on the yarn pictures, the name should pop up. Or maybe not?
Anyway, some Madelinetosh sock ( which i've never used )
and some more MadTosh Vintage in thunderstorm -
which looks to die for and i'm going to make this
and some gorgeous Wollmeise which does
not yet have a purpose
but believe me
And guess where I'm going today?
To Broome, to take my Australian Citizenship Test !!!
If I should pass , I'll carry a dual citizenship.
American today, maybe American/Australian tomorrow !

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarning Along

Hello there yarn along people , and everyone else of course.
 I do love Wednesdays,,,, well, its actually nearly Thursday  here in the Southern Hemisphere. But anyway.......

Because I finished my Cria ( previous post ) , I got to cast on a new sweater, yah! This one has been in my eyes view for awhile, I am loving it. It's going to be a stripey sweater for the March birthday boy. This yarn is irrestable. ( Rav notes here ).

I told you that I checked out Jane Austen's Persuasion a few weeks ago to compliment my Jane Austen's Knits project. Cheryl mentioned it was her favourite, as well as some of the writers in the knitting magazine. My librarian chic mentioned to me, that if I did not like it now, I would one day.
After reading the first chapter twice, I can summarize the following :: a well off gentlemen has lost his wife and is raising his three daughters in an English society. Two of them, Mary and Anne, are vaguely mentioned but it is Elizabeth who is clearly his favorite and he finds it his mission that she should marry well. There is this fellow he invited for dinner and he doesn't show and then they find he is married.
That is all I can say. That was chapter one. I cannot comment on chapter two, because I have only read it once.

I disgress. So basically what I am saying is I have kids. There are large words. I can't read every chapter twice. Perhaps Linda was right? Maybe this is not the easiest way to step into the writing world of Jane Austen. Can anyone recommend a lighter stepping stone?
{ oh yes and I cheated and read the back, as you do, and guess what? turns out the whole book is about      Anne !!! }

So I am reading a book about Spooky Haunted Places. I LOVE the paranormal. WWwhhooooooOOOO.
My hat ? Yes, this is my second time knitting Ysolda's rose red . This time I was not paying attention to my knitting ( but rather the movie where Tom Cruise takes his shirt off , ahem ) and my hat turned out HUGE. I used a discontinued wool called 'Harmony', which bragged to be an 8ply and knitted totally like a 12ply. Closet worsted.
So today I felted it. Just threw it in the wash. It works ! It was meant as a gift.... of course I want to keep it.

Aahhh. The wonderful world of knitting. What are you up to ?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Cria

The Cria is finished ~!
My that took a long time.... { my notes here }.   I've been seriously looking at sweaters to make myself, and well before that happens I knew that the Cria had to get finished. What was taking me so so long, was the fact that I didn't need to wear it. But also , , it was the pockets. Next time, I definietly won't put them on there. But who knows, I may find them quite handy whilst wearing this.
It's blocking now. I was told that Malabrigo stretches vertically quite a bit. This is my first time washing Malabrigo..{you should have seen the water, it was soooo dirty!!} I do suppose I carried it round a bit over these knitting months. Plus the red pindan dirt here does get into everything. You should see our whites.
So this is my first sweater, hooray!

Friday, March 2, 2012

art of the unRavel

 The UnRavel.

Either you love it or you don't.

I love it .


I feel i can easily sort out all of life's problems during a simple session of untangle unravel unknit.
Sometimes, I knit things just so i can unravel them.

{No, not really}

So here i was last night, happily knitting away on a small easy project for a gift.
And then, I saw these.

Oh my.
Gasp gasp
Double gasp.

Aren't they the prettiest things ever?
Well worth some unRaveling.
{aND some problem solving for free}