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Sunday, June 13, 2010

granny love

'Each day has its own proper work,' Laura's Ma used to say.
                                'Wash on Monday,
                                Iron on Tuesday,
                                Mend on Wednesday,
                               Churn on Thursday,
                              Clean on Friday,
                              Bake on Saturday,

                              Rest on Sunday.'
- LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I believe the practice of clothes washing is a feminine connection with my ancestors. As I hang out an apron of my grandmothers on the clothesline, I smile knowing she has done just the same. To see cherished items that were hers blowing in the breeze is a fine enjoyment in my life. Women all pass things down to each new generation. Many revelations can be gathered in with the washing! Three cheers for a breeze , the sun , and a cotton rope. xx


  1. I love what you said about hanging the apron and smiling because you know your grandma had done the same. To connect across time--- so special. Very sweet post!

  2. I adore washing clothes!!! When I was pregnant with my daughter I would stay up all hours of hte night washing and folding and crispin up her dresses and jumpers. I can't wait to get my clothes line up.

    And that verse from LHOTP is so lovely.

  3. i wish i had an apron of my grandmothers... that would be a great memento of her. but, when we went to her home in germany last summer after her passing, i was so struck with grief that i told my mom i didn't want anything. i have her in my heart with me always, but i think i will save my aprons to give to my grandchildren one day. i think they would remember me in the kitchen...

  4. Beautiful photos! I love to see the wash on the line. It makes me very happy to sit down after my work, with a cold glass of water, and just watch the breeze move the clothes about.

  5. Your photos are stunning. I too love connections such as these... connections to women from the past through simple pleasures in life. All kinds of wonderful.

  6. Love your photos, love your washing, and so love the connection you refer to - very true - many memories to relive and to pass on down the 'line'.

  7. i heart every word in this post.

  8. So nice blogpost, full of good feelings!
    I'll follow you :))))

  9. i love every little piece of your post!! xo

  10. so pretty! you make me want to do laundry! ; )

  11. Love all the things in your photos. Surprising how much you can enjoy the "mundane" when you have nice things around you and a windy sunny day! x