Thursday, May 27, 2010


well, this was an undertaking. i'm sure there were several factors contributing. my brain was numb from the cold. i was a bit tired after running around playing in the leaves with schoolchildren this afternoon. whatever the reason, my unpicker has done some work today.

i was having a bit of trouble reading the pattern.
 there was some debate between how to sew up the tube ends.
 i said one way, my friend JAN insisted it was the other.

JAN was right. (know~it~all)
more unpicking.
all in all, the first bucket got unpicked a funny total of 4 times.
an argument ensues. now JAN isn't speaking to me at all.
come on, really?
finally, the buckets are finished. my old sewing friend and i are back on the mend.
she isn't that bad, she's pretty fantastic really.
just a bit of a snob, cause she's prettier than most..
{ thank you jodi for the bucket   pattern !  }

soup and stuff

pumpkin soup ::
cut up large pumpkin into 4 pieces and roast in oven until a knife inserts easily.
cut away skin and hard fleshy bits , chunky cut and place into large pan on oven.
add 1/2 tsp of each - cumin ground, corrainder leaves, corrainder ground, ginger, mixed spice, clove, italian spices, cajun spices. 1tsp mince garlic.
add 3 cups water, and simmer 30 min or so until bubbly. with a potatoe masher or fork roughly mash up pumpkin bits into soup making a thick texture. simmer 20 more min or so until spices fragrant. add 1 cup thick cream and reheat gently. serve with fresh buttermilk yeast rolls ( my recipe is here ).

i am sewing up my little  baskets today, isn't the fabric beautiful. here's to a happy sunny sewing soup eating wintery day !

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

something for me

i made myself a bag today.
my enthusiastic 5yearold likes it.
 " cool bag, man, is it mine??"
he says.
no, its not yours.
 its mine.all mine. as soon as possible, i'm gonna stick some money and a book in it, and go have a nice cappuccino. OUT.{without you kids! i didn't say the last bit, just thunk it...}
sewing is so nice. i love it. i used echino birds and heather ross tadpoles. the free pattern is here. i found it on a blog posting where 10 free bag patterns were listed in a box block with little photos. (can anybody tell me where that was?) i couldn't find it...bummer. there were several other bags i wanted to try. i've got lots of sewing projects this week and i'm so excited! it feels good to put down the knitting needles and switch gears to my machine for a bit. { i find that people who were first knitters will also sew, but there are lots of sewers who don't care for knitting. do you find that true? do you do both? which did you learn first?}
tomorrow is ric-rac's sewing baskets. i can't wait!!  i've got this  thing   about putting things into things. what's your thing?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sweaters & friends

beautiful vintage buttons
a birthday sweater knitted by his granny

         Nesta has his very own George, sent by his Nana & Pops

Really feeling the birthday love , what a wonderful weekend.
Thanks so much for all the thoughtful well wishes and comments.
Children truly are worth celebrating!
:::.Such magic they bring into this world.:::

Friday, May 21, 2010

a love story

you never know what they're gonna turn out like
till they get here
a new little personality
its cold out
clear frosty starlit beautiful cold night
 the start of winter
this is my birth night
two years ago
my nesta
my joy
my sweet love

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Tori amos & the Warhols rockin me thru the weekend.
Lots of knitting, sewing, and fun crafting going on here.
The sun is shining. Life is good.

Birthday surprises for the little one.  I can't believe he'll soon be Two!!
{he's already terrible....} 
Dolly is coming along. Making dolls rocks.
{Yes, I am bleeding in multiple places}

Ah, i love Sundays. Fresh market veggie/fruit stockpile. All organic, all locally grown.
What are you guys working on ?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Merino Wool  kettle dyed in spectacular natural colors !
( top left )
onionskins _ rustic orange
sunflower seeds  _ deep blood red
manferns _ soft earthy brown
tumeric spice_ brilliant sun yellow
red cabbage _  mauve lavender

Directions for dyeing wool here.

Trying to get green & blue..... suggestions, anyone??

{{Thanks guys, for all the lovely words on Dolly.
He is getting ready for a special ceremony!}}