Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9 trips and some mint chocolate cake

Hello friends.
We had a birthday celebration on Sunday.
Our dear eldest boy has turned 9 years old !
There was a fancy meal - (which I did not photograph!) - consisting of grilled steaks, pinto beans,
shrimp, and pinto beans , all per Jacks' request. YumMMM. There was cake. Oh yes, the cake.
It was this cake , and boy was it amazing. There were presents ! Minecraft things, because you
know these boys are Minecraft crazy. Jack was thrilled with his book, and proceeded to tell me
what a NPC and Trolling all meant. (what?) His request was a video camera, and so his dear Granny Rose and Poppy Maurice have spoiled him with a special camera , coming soon! He was surprised by his Nana and Pops with his
very own junior bow and arrow set, and Aunt Paula and Uncle Bryan with an awesome practice target.
We were hoping Nana would be brave with an apple, but she was still getting over the Cucumber Essence she had for lunch. He heeeeee. Ha haaaaa. Whoo hoo haa.

We all had a go with the bow and arrow set. Even my mama. And with several little (smaller) boys standing admiringly in the distance ~ being not quite old enough themselves to work a bow and arrow,
Jack was surely admired by all on this his very special 9th birthday. 9 full trips around the Sun. Wow.
Has it really been that long?
I think it has. I am so proud of my eldest son. He is a wonderful little human being.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Photos and a rambling session , its March.

Like 1000 pictures, random from around the house. A peek at what i've been up to.
Is it worth 1000 words?
Cause I don't have time to write anything !
I wish I had the time, to sit and quietly think. 
To paint pictures, knit slowly and without time being noticed.
Wish I had time to tell you all the things we are going thru, in this
particular point in our lives. Wish I could wave a wand and have this little
dear baby sleep a bit better right now, wish I could bottle capture all of these
sounds I am hearing right now and let them out in 10 years time, 
when I might appreciate better the baby **screaming** , the daddy cajoling,
the boys playing their MineCraft games **loudly** and with passion, 
the smoke alarm constantly going off , the knitting needles not clicking, the trains going by at night. 

Enough of that. Maybe I do have time for some words !
Ah, spring. 
We finally found seed potatoes. 
We've got 20 pounds, yellow and red.
The beds are dug. They have been cut.
Going in the ground on Sunday morning.

The seeds have been ordered.
We were tossing up , to order or not, 
and finally decided to and it was fun
picking out winter squashes for pies,
and summer melons, and Indian corn for making
corn meal, and Purple Tomatoes and giant Leeks and

Did I mention the baby is screaming?
I feel the mother is always needed.
Do I need a secret hiding nook?
Where I can go and sit still and quiet like a mouse,
with my eyes going Felix style from one side to the other,
until I am finally found.
I suppose tis' good to be needed.

The baby is teething. 
The baby is now eating lots of things.
Some food, some not.
I have many items with teeth holes in them.
My sunglass case, my current novel, my knitting patterns.

The baby is not sleeping. 
I should not say not sleeping, I miss the hammock.
It was taken down, a bit sad about it. 
Was it for the last time? Was it the last baby?
Will I ever use these little newborn nappies again or should I sell them?
Will he sleep better tonite or will there be another screaming session?
Is it suppose to get cold again tonite? John asks.
Stoking up wood in the fire.
I LOVE our little wood heater. 
It makes this house so wonderful in the winter.
Time for a cuppa.
Thanks for listening.