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Thursday, May 27, 2010


well, this was an undertaking. i'm sure there were several factors contributing. my brain was numb from the cold. i was a bit tired after running around playing in the leaves with schoolchildren this afternoon. whatever the reason, my unpicker has done some work today.

i was having a bit of trouble reading the pattern.
 there was some debate between how to sew up the tube ends.
 i said one way, my friend JAN insisted it was the other.

JAN was right. (know~it~all)
more unpicking.
all in all, the first bucket got unpicked a funny total of 4 times.
an argument ensues. now JAN isn't speaking to me at all.
come on, really?
finally, the buckets are finished. my old sewing friend and i are back on the mend.
she isn't that bad, she's pretty fantastic really.
just a bit of a snob, cause she's prettier than most..
{ thank you jodi for the bucket   pattern !  }


  1. What wonderful buckets! I love that you name your sewing machine.

  2. They look fab! Until I read Hannah's comment I thought you had a sewing buddy person called Jan. to bed now.

  3. I love all those colourful buckets...

  4. Those are some great buckets! You used such cute fabric. :)

  5. They look great !
    Sounds like Jan is a bit highly-strung....

  6. love the buckets, they look great!

  7. Great buckets...and I'm sure you'll find great things to stuff them with!

  8. Those are looking great!!!

  9. They are fab!! And I call my sewing machine Jan too! What a scream!! Thanks for popping by and yes, you sooo will be able to make an really was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Hope you have a super weekend :)

  10. tied my unpicking record! But you ended up having much more to show for your aggravation than I did. ;)

  11. Oh, I've been wanting some fabric buckets! I love yours! I may have to give it a try, but I'll be sure to locate my seam ripper (unpicker) first. Mine always go missing...
    Cute, cute purse you made too!

  12. Man those are cool and so all purpose; nice job!

  13. Your buckets look great in the end!

    Just popped over from Life at the Pitts

  14. The buckets are fab. I have come into possession of a coffee burlap sack and am thinking of making some buckets with it. I don't have a pattern, though, was gonna try and wing it...

  15. Adoring your buckets muchly.
    Good to know that you and JAN are back on speaking terms too ;)