Thursday, May 5, 2011

beach camping at kooljaman

                               Beach Camping at  Kooljaman, Cape Leveque. A rather spectacular place
                               on this planet to visit. Plenty of beach relaxing, swimming, crab catching,
                               frisbie playing, eagle spotting, trochus shell gathering, lighthouse admiring,
                               star gazing, campfire cooking, marshmallow toasting, rocky road riding fun.

                               Visited the Ardyaloon Aquaculture center at One Arm Point . The trochus shells
                                easy to find on our beaches can be polished to become something amazing!
                               The children (and their parents!) really enjoyed their 'touching pool'. So many
                                amazing creatures live in the depths of the mighty sea. The beach at One Arm
                                are still, and crystal clear. We really loved it up here.

                                So after camping out at the beach for a week, in a tent, covered in sand from morning
                                till night, cooking on a campfire, sleeping under the stars - and what do i have to say?
                                Well.........i miss it. I think the comforts of home are glorious, but what can compare
                                 with living, literally, under the stars, with the only flooring you know the natural
                                 earth. Your clock becomes the sunrise and sunset, which are nothing less than a
                                 religious moment to beckon your being to relax, reflect, respect.

                                 I am ready to go camping again, YES !
                                 (DID you see the eagle in the first picture? up on the roof of the beach hut)