Thursday, February 14, 2013


                            We got married !!!!


                             We honeymooned !!

At the very lovely Varandah in Senoia, Georgia.
Which is the cutest little town that I could move to tomorrow :).
 Aka - Woodbury ( and they were filming!!! )
So of course I did a bit of window stalking and even tried to break a police barrier  ( who wouldn't want a pregnant woman in a zombie shot? ) - but alas, my new found husband did not share my interest, nor have my back !  :)
It was a wonderful weekend; beautiful, simple and really something magical.
I now have a new name!
It feels great being married .....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quilts, babies, and old stuff


I had a thousand more pics uploaded and they were just deleted into cyberspace.
Which is perhaps just as well, i'm not sure you want to see a kaboodle of quilt shots.
Or perpahs you do.... :)
Anyway, It's quilted! And not free motion, as apparently i must order a special needle.
So I decided to take advantage of my new machine's many decorative stitches and 'crazy quilt'
on the joinings. I like it. It's soft, colourful, cuddley. It will make a great sofa throw quilt, or a perfect size for a baby to play and nap upon.

Now as for the binding, oh dear.
I've got a Heather Ross quilt ( on the bed under that quilt) which two years later STILL does not have binding. I'll say it. Gulp. I'm scared of binding. So for this quilt, i truly bit the fear and made my own binding ! Yes, she  did. And then i took my machine and sewed one side on, which was easy and perfect. The problem occured with the Mitering corners. It's bloody hard, and although i have many quilts here and books with instructions i still don't get it.
So ... this quilt needs mitred corners and handstitched bias , which does make the quilt underneath a tad bit jealous. Ha!!

We have had quite a last few weeks.
Last week alone involved purchasing toilets, drains, fittings, wall and floorings.
We are hoping that work can begin this week on our little house to be !
It's so exciting.
We also had our big baby ultrasound which thankfully all turned out perfectly normal !
A perfect healthy little BIG baby growing in there.
We did not find out the sex, we do like the surprise.
Although,,,, we have a 'secret' envelope under the bed.
Given by the ultrasound tech just in case we changed our minds.
Which of course is all we can think about now.
WE pull it out and hold it up the the light, and we
talk about what's in it, and we tell each other we've just
looked inside he hee.
Did any of you NOT find out the sex ?
I've just got my baby quilting fabric in the mail !!
Look at those Heather Ross mice!
I chose nursery versery and also sara jane's sea life.
They are rather pink and girly, so for a crafty sake
perhaps i should have a tiny little envelope peek?