Friday, February 14, 2014

February love

Well dear friends, It's still winter. Ice and snow and cold temps have kept us inside and baking and sitting beside the woodfire and yes lots and lots and lots of knitting!!!
Today I am playing with Buffalo Yak lace - I hope - althought its hard to knit with a little baby . .. who is crawling all over the place now! Standing up with assistance , and eating real foods , and smiling so lovingly. I do love having babies in the house. It is such a wonderful time in one's life when our children and grandchildren are "little". It is a real blessing to live just next door to my parents, we see them all the time and it does remind me of my own childhood growing up. Seeing both sets of grandparents every day after school, jump roping and riding the bikes up and down the driveway with the comings and goings of the country store happening. At the other grandparents there was a farm - with horses and a donkey and ducks and lots and lots of chickens hatching and clucking. Rabbits to be petted and made little diapers for our of kleenex tissues. I hope and wish for all these dear memories for my own sweet children. It has taken years in the makings to get here and we are all so happy now.
Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow, with love and warm hugs on this wintery month!