Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nesta slays the dragon ( 4 ! )

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY week for my darling little NESTA, who is now a big brave 4 yearold boy.
Much running, playing, (screaming), cake and icecream eating, lego building, dressup playing, and cuddling this week ! We try to make it as family oriented as possible, sometimes finding it hard when no family live near us at all. Next year, and all the years to follow will be much different. We will be home in Georgia. Kids seeing their grandparents every single day. We'll live right next door !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His birthday 'theme' this year was a dragon party. I made up a giant dragon from a mop and some boxes, placing his presents inside .. he put on his birthday cape and headdress ( which is not pictured!) and slayed the dragon for treasure ! I love making birthday cakes. They always taste just like wedding cake. YUMMMMM.

The weather here in Dirt town has turned a bit cooler, thank goodness. Now it feels just like the weather right now in Georgia. This is our winter temperatures !!  It does get breezy at night, enough to turn off the air and open the windows for freshness. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to get home. We've bought our tickets now ... November, are you really 5 months away still ?  We are counting down to yoU!


  1. Wow he looking grown up suddenly! Happy Birthday to Nesta!

  2. yay! happy birthday cute nesta! and what an exciting countdown you have. next door? i'm jealous.... i'm reading "the thorn birds" right now. have you read it? thinking of you.

  3. Number one, happy birthday to the handsome dragon-slayer. Number two, I'm so excited you're coming stateside. I have a book--it's a collection of Laura Ingalls Wilder's essays written from her Ozark farm when she was an older woman--and I've been saving it for you for when you come home. It was too heavy to mail to Australia...eeeep! But I've been holding on to it in case I could ever mail it locally. When you come home, let me know where to mail it. Love ya. Ruby xx