Thursday, June 24, 2010

my creative space

week one of the hook.
i am rather excited. i feel ive overcome two obstacles. three, really.
::: my crochet ability has speeded up considerably. i started off a snail and now
i'd say i am more like a beetle with a limp. i'm on square three of this .
::: thanks to the lovely dotty i now realize that one should chain three when going fromst
row to row. well! that solves a problem. now? nice smooth edges.
::: last night in bed with the hook and billy connely i noticed if i went into the 'back' loop
i got a frontward ridge. if i went in the 'front' loop i got a ridge on the back. it was at this
moment of trying to keep it all straight that i had my eureka moment.  what if . . what if
i just hooked thru both of those babies every time? would this bothersome ridge just go
away, disappear into the land of the lost? YES! no. more. ridges. strait pretty rows.
{don't make me write a crochet book..} so i'm going to continue doing this, unless someone tells me
its illegal, or somehow devestating in the long term.....yah for crochet!

i've met the nicest folks over at kirstys each week.
wont you join us?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space

Is it Thursday again?
O Boy, it seems to come around rather SnEAkiLy.....
I, decided, this week i would teach myself the ART of the hook, i.e. crochet.
Whilst it has me feeling rather GRANNILY, i looove it.
I am not sure i am doing it quite right....ive got these 'ridges' i would really like to
get rid of. I love the double chain in the double chain. Its totally mad. Its kindof like
lots of loops in one big loop, like dangling earrings?

Its freezing here this week, and i'm feeling sorry for my fruit.
Now they are all cozy... {free apple cozy pattern at this delicious crunchy place }

More creative crunchiness, or not, here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

granny love

'Each day has its own proper work,' Laura's Ma used to say.
                                'Wash on Monday,
                                Iron on Tuesday,
                                Mend on Wednesday,
                               Churn on Thursday,
                              Clean on Friday,
                              Bake on Saturday,

                              Rest on Sunday.'
- LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

I believe the practice of clothes washing is a feminine connection with my ancestors. As I hang out an apron of my grandmothers on the clothesline, I smile knowing she has done just the same. To see cherished items that were hers blowing in the breeze is a fine enjoyment in my life. Women all pass things down to each new generation. Many revelations can be gathered in with the washing! Three cheers for a breeze , the sun , and a cotton rope. xx

Friday, June 4, 2010

the finish line

Look a here.
Just needs neck and arm bands. Whilst seeking advice from my knitting mum-in-law,, she tells a story. She was once in a 'rush' to finish a cricket jumper for John and in picking up her neckband stitches she accidentally went all the way down across and picked up one of the shoulder seams! and didnt realize till she had finished the neckband!  Ha!
That is so stinking funny...
{i shouldn't laugh too much}

I have been known to totally screw up myself, on occasion.
It's great when you can just have a big ole'  roaring laugh at your self.
or your mum-in-law...

 emus and feathers in my view.
check out this slideshow.
now this is my kinda decorating.
 what style, what flair, what personality.
all thrifted!
On Location - The New York Times > Style > Slide Show > Slide 11 of 11

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

frame of mind

dont you just love it when something happens that changes your life.
we all have these feelings, thoughts that we often say to and about our selves that define
who we are.  as of recently, things have started 'happening' to me.
lucky things.
which leave me with no other option, than to thank the universe by thinking so positive
when i enter a situation. to think and act and speak and do like
it will happen, whatever it is!
because, friends, thinking positive yields positive results. every single time.
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