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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

School Boy

Time goes by and by.
Oh my, I just sent my schoolboy off for his first day of SECOND grade.
We homeschooled last year....and decided that it would be lovely for our oldest boy
to have some friendship interactions with other children his age.
Such decisions we make as parents, a bit heartaching seeing him go away,
out of my sights and protection and control. I do hope he has a fantastic day.
I do hope its the right thing to do.
I do hope i can get some more knitting done today, ( it does take my mind off things so nicely)
{especially when its lace and cables, oh my. isn't it growing!!}
Nesta hopes we catch more tree frogs.
They have spawned around a thousand and four tadpoles in our swimming pool.
Yesterday was nice, sitting out in a spawney pool with my two boys, catching tadpoles.
It was just what I wanted to I feel a bit restless with one gone.
I am not sure what I want to do.
I suppose I should make it fun for the 'littlest' one - who was a bit sad and confused
seeing his big brother go off for the day.
Sorry for the dribbling !!
I think i'll go shed some tears in my coffee.....
joining the yarn along with ginny.


  1. no dribbling whatsoever.
    a mother's heart and soul speaking.
    you'll be fine, you will all be fine.
    and a cup of coffee with a touch of salt? makes for the best home brew.. X

  2. Just sit and knit away and he will be home before you know it!

  3. I have a second-grader too! All of the decisions we make as Mamas and Dadas are so two-sided. We're excited to see them go off and accomplish new things, but it's so hard to let them go!
    Knit your troubles away, I say :)
    That pattern is lovely.

  4. I'm fine, on the first day (and a few days following)until I turn round and head home without a hand to hold...that probably didn't help your mood....but it does get easier. I hope he makes some wonderful friends. He'll be chattering away about all he's done and how wonderful his teacher is....hope the knitting is helping, because I'm probably not!

  5.'ll be okay. knitting is lovely distraction, thank goodness for it. your scarf is beautiful dear.

  6. oh angelina! i dread the day... but, you and your husband made the decision with careful thought i'm sure and chose what you think is best for him. try to go back to your thoughts of him and his happiness playing with other kids.

  7. The cowl is utterly lovely. I hope you made a lot of progress on it today. I'm sure it was a wonderful distraction.

  8. Gorgeous cables and lace and too precious photos of your little one. Second grade? I don't like to think about them getting that big...

  9. The 'friends their own age' thing is important. I hope you didn't make your coffee cold with all those tears. The scarf is lovely x

  10. wow, your knitting looks fabulous! Im yet to knit with such thin yarn but id love to one day its so delicate and pretty:) What a cute school boy

  11. Angelina, Mumma hugs to you from here. It's a big step, and not just for your little one. My baby is in year 2 this year. I still cry the first day of school every year, and am just as anxious the first day back each term as well. I never shed my tears in front of them, I am always good til I get back to the car and then the floods hit. They are such a part of our heartbeat and there simply is nothing we can do about it. Let the tears flow, it does feel good. You're a beautiful Mumma and your little ones know it too. But gosh, it's wonderful to collect them from the bus in the afternoons and hold their hands all the way home. xx

  12. hello! so nice that you visited my blog and left a comment so i could find yours! i home schooled my daughter for many years, and each year we re-considered what was best for her. you are a good mama to do this for your boys... who are adorable, by the way. your knitting reminds me so much of the patterns my grandmother used to knit - always so lovely and soft. sadly, i never learned. your blog is lovely, and i look forward to visiting again!

  13. Oh my goodness - I can't believe Jack is in 2nd grade!! Hope you are well Angela - I think of you often and love being able to "keep up with you" through your blog. AND your lace and cables piece is gorgeous!!! Wish I were there for you to teach me how!

    1. hello mrs louisianna!! so happy to hear from you - we;d love to visit you, would that be ok? you should link your blog up to your name,,, i cant remember its address to visit you there. x