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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birds of the Kimberley

" They shall see teal, blue winged, green winged, shelldrakes,
 whistlers, black ducks, ospreys, and many other wild and noble sights before night,
   such as they who sit in parlors never dream of . "

- Thoreau

I took my morning coffee sitting outside yesterday morning :: just watching it rain gentle and steady.
I sat out there for two hours and watched this frog mouthed owl up there on that tree branch. They usually always sit in pairs, but this time just the one.
The only time it moved was once an hour into things - a shake of the head to rid the raindrops i imagine.
I do often wonder what it would be like to escape the world, and sit and watch and wonder and write.
Did I ever tell you that I once visited Walden Pond ?
A big Thoreau fan, it was quite a moment in my life.
Here you can see and read about other birds of the Kimberley, seen where I live.


  1. bird watching is a great pastime. i would love to visit walden pond too one day. nature is so healing.

  2. how lucky to see such an owl, i'm almost never happier than when birdwatching.
    (except knitting) (or reading). i LOVE thoreau too, and would love to visit walden pond.
    your morning sounds so peaceful.

  3. hey? sweet?
    it's looking like i'm going to have to read back here a little. i love your banner, cool. and i like your bird story. the patience on you! [although i've just through the whole of CRANFORD (second time around), and i do feel refreshed, linguistically and erm, lively...
    am sending you a corner of grey here!
    n♥ and till real soon.