Saturday, September 6, 2014

a bit of crochet

Well hello lovelies ... how are you??
We are all just fine and dandy thank you.
All housework and homeschooling and other chores aside; 
I did a wee bitty bit of crochet this week.
Now an old professional hooker I am not ... however with my dear friends on youtube reminding me (constantly) what is sc and dc I was able to whip up some nice things ! 
Both free patterns on the net - Icelandic jar covers & PomPom Quarterly Bracelets / Bookmarks.

Sooooo... I am starting over with my Fermentation Kraut. 
I had it all going so well - 3 weeks in and it was tasting so good. Then we brought some ripe tomatoes in and someone sat them right beside my crock and before you know it , those horrible pesky little flittering winged batty tiny summer pests from hell had invaded my beloved Kraut. %$&&*&@@ !

Anyway I do have two sponsor giveaway posts that I must put up very soon ! Are you excited to see?

Until next time xxx