Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yarning Along

Hellooooo! My oh my, i've got the knitting happening over here. So many fun projects on the go ..
I've actually got my queue down to just one page now, and from it I can now see what is in there ( besides shawls ) .
So I've gotten rid of (sniff) lots of my queued shawls , as John says , how many shawls does one need. He is right, I know. So it's on to hats, and mittens, and gloves, and boy sweaters, and Christmas balls and snowflakes. It feels good to have a knitting agenda now, instead of frivolous cowtail chase knitting. I know what I want and need to knit, and I'm all over it.
The first pic is a hat that's been in my queue for years ! I'm so happy with myself, It's Gundrun Johnston's Norie, and I am altering it a little to fit my 7 yearold boy who has lots of pretty curly hair, and wears a slouch hat like nobody's business. Then I can't wait to make one for myself.
Jack has also picked out some of my new Wollmeise order (or should I say freight ) just arriving yesterday. He has a fantastic eye for colour combinations ! He chose Blue Curacao and Wasabi for a splendid Gathering Stripes II sweater.
The next is my first mystery knitalong, by Kirsten Kapur. We're up to clue 3 now. I linked it up in a previous post.. as well as my Ochre Sweater, which now has sleeves ! Thank goodness, that yoke was a killer. I purl like a granny with arthritis. Seriously.
And have you seen Westknits Mystery KAL ? OOoooooH I can't wait . And yes, John, then no more shawls. :)
Linking up with Yarn Along .  Happy Knitting  !

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, Virginia

Hello friends , a very fine 'dry season' we are having (this month , anyway) here in the Kimberley.
It is so nice to be able to sit outside ! Most of the year, for us anyway, its just not possible. Too hot.
But right now, the temps are ranging from 17C at night up to 30C daytime. Sometimes a wee bit cooler, which means that while the kids build and run and play, I can sit outside and knit ! And look up at the beautiful blue skies and dream. Let my mind be clear and my thoughts wander where they will. Often a plane to pass overhead or a wedge-tailed Eagle in flight. But on this day, when I looked up, I saw .... a wolf !

Now I realize that cloud gazing is a bit like seeing someone's imaginary friend - but i really do see a wolf ! he is facing West , eye, mouth, nose, ears, running back leg out tail up. By the time Jack and I pointed and talked and watched this dear wolf evolve as clouds do , I decided to get up and get the camera. Clouds move, however, and this is what was photographed. At this stage, the wolf had faded, though visible still i do believe. Imagine how very clear it was when we saw it !

Beautiful blooming Frangipani blossoms from the trees, everywhere. The scent is euphoric, quite like a gardenia, but stronger. When picked and placed in a room, truly aaaHHH.
Our beautiful Lucy dog, which I do believe I have never blogged before. Dear Lucy dog, who is so so good with my children, who keeps us safe in many ways. You are very special to us !
Some knitting that even though I have been hard at it for two weeks now after a mild hibernation - well, I do believe this is not moving !  I keep saying to myself ( out loud as you do ) that if I can just.get.to.the.arm.dividing.part things will pick up . Fingering sweaters ! ( It's my ochre )
And pictured below ... my very first Wollmeise lace project !
I did have an oopsey just in the beginning, which set my rows all off by one stitch.
Nevermind that ! I tend to appreciate what is right instead of what is wrong, especially with
a first time lace shawl . Lace knitting isn't all that easy, and I am patting myself onthe back for giving this
a go ! :)
The yarn is as divine as I knew it would be , and I am in my first mystery knit-along.
It is fun to get a small 'clue' each week, and to knit this shawl without a picture of the finished product.
It 's the Thru the Loops Mystery KAL here on ravelry which I am doing with my pal.
Clue 3 to be released tomorrow !! We should see some intricate lacework next I imagine ...
I wish a very happy day to you all !

Friday, June 8, 2012

Botannical Garden Shawl

Hello oo !
May I present to you another knit ?
Please welcome the Botannical Garden Shawl by Kristen Finlay
My ravelry notes are here
This is a beautiful shawl, that makes me want to dig out my Pearl Earrings :)
John says it reminds him of "THE QUEEN".
I did so enjoy the Diamond Jubilee Happenings on the telly !
I love the QUEEN  !
{i love my new scarf too}

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yarn along ---- "Knit your life away"

Who hoo !
My botannical garden shawl is blocking !
Knitted with Madelinetosh Sock Yarn , colourway is Tensha Bead.
Five star yarn in every way possible.
(My 7yearold said to me this week "You are going to knityourlifeaway!) haha
I'm always knitting.
Except in the bath.
Only because I haven't yet learned how....
Jackson's gathering stripes sweater is finished !
I can't wait to cast on one for Nesta - he wants green and rainbow.
Oh how cute these buttons are, thank you Robin !

Would you like to win a copy of the Air Shawl pattern ?
Veera has generously offered to gift someone a copy , giveaway is HERE.

 {Happy yarn along everyone}

Friday, June 1, 2012

Air Shawl (Giveaway)

  • Yarn :: Squoosh FiberArts Silky Sock

This is a delightful silky shawl !
I am so happy to be part of the test knit.
To win a copy of this shawl pattern ,
leave a comment on this post.
My followers, both old and new, feel free to enter a
second time.
Drawing will be held June 15.
Best of Luck !
ps. if you do not knit but wish to tell me how fabulous i look (*cough) please feel free to do so, and i'll not put your name in the 'hat'. :)

COMMENTS CLOSED :: Charis's mum, you are the winner, congrats !