Friday, June 8, 2012

Botannical Garden Shawl

Hello oo !
May I present to you another knit ?
Please welcome the Botannical Garden Shawl by Kristen Finlay
My ravelry notes are here
This is a beautiful shawl, that makes me want to dig out my Pearl Earrings :)
John says it reminds him of "THE QUEEN".
I did so enjoy the Diamond Jubilee Happenings on the telly !
I love the QUEEN  !
{i love my new scarf too}


  1. its stunning, i have had it favorited. you look smashing wearing it, with or without pearls. beautiful knitting love. (british slang, hee hee).

  2. yes, you may present this, and it's totally beautiful!
    just look at you too!

  3. ooh, I love it! Such gorgeous subtle colours. Thanks for your tips on cloth nappies, I'm glad to hear your nappies lasted well when washed on hot, I was really worried id fry them:)Also the warning on using the drier is helpful although ill probably have to use it a bit until I build the stash up. I'm amazed by my velcro one size fits all nappies, I doubted that it could really fit all but it fits a 6 month old and I put it on a 3.5 year old for nap today, craziness!

  4. It looks amazing! You look amazing!
    Gosh, all these beautiful shawls I've been seeing this week!