Friday, June 12, 2009


:OK everyone, so this is BONY. dearly beloved chicken friend of ours. who would have known? out for an evening stroll with the kids and come home carrying this little beauty. a wonderful summer addition to our yard i must add.....and although mama fusses about her messing all over the yard ..(how many acres do we have?) and following her around everywhere and chasing the birds and scratching in the flowers....i KNOW you love her mama. jackson just thinks she is the best thing ever.
SUMMERTIME is here, our daily ritual first thing in the morning: outside to set free our chicken, then sit under the mulberry tree and watch her scratch and roll around in the garden. After watching her chase a redbird for dropped birdseed yesterday, we decided to go off to the local feed n seed for some scratch. And who would have known? Just so happens they had two pretty matching roosters to give away, hmmmmmm.