Thursday, June 9, 2011

dottie angel revisited

hi guys, i know i'm vixed and vexed.
i just cant get rid of my little blogger blog.
so i'll keep them both.
i wont post as often here, so if you do
enjoy my ramblings, i'm at the other blog.
(link over ----->there.) will all remember my dottie angel
debbie bliss cashmere crazy blanket beginnings
last year, right? well, it just looked terrible.
i mean, i had just learned to crochet so i
could do the dottie angel blanket. pulling it out
of the closet a few weeks ago, i unraveled most of it.
ah, the joys.
but ! look at it NOW.

I do love it. Soft, cuddly, comforting. Two years into.....gosh blankets are certainly an undertaking.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

back in time..
sometimes your feet need not move
it is your mind that needs
to go walkabout
let it