Thursday, June 9, 2011

dottie angel revisited

hi guys, i know i'm vixed and vexed.
i just cant get rid of my little blogger blog.
so i'll keep them both.
i wont post as often here, so if you do
enjoy my ramblings, i'm at the other blog.
(link over ----->there.) will all remember my dottie angel
debbie bliss cashmere crazy blanket beginnings
last year, right? well, it just looked terrible.
i mean, i had just learned to crochet so i
could do the dottie angel blanket. pulling it out
of the closet a few weeks ago, i unraveled most of it.
ah, the joys.
but ! look at it NOW.

I do love it. Soft, cuddly, comforting. Two years into.....gosh blankets are certainly an undertaking.

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