Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my wintery cuddly make-it-all-better blankie

                    ah. dont you love winter weather. it rains, it pours. i crochet.
                    not only do i crochet, but i put off anything besides.
                            { i have been quite firm with those dishes.}
                    i had the nicest little visitor yesterday,,,,and she and i both
                         decided that the three chain link joining method was the one.
                          so with no hesitation...this morning i set out to do just so.
                         if all goes well, i'll be snuggling under a finished blanket..soon.
                           look..someone loves it already..make that  two.
                                             [ps. thank you mandy]

Thursday, August 26, 2010

my creative space - yarns

      :: my creative space abounds this week with soft deliciousness in an array of colours.
         cashmere and silk to get me thru the wintery blues. my gosh its freezing cold this week.  
         but guess what....today it did not rain. aha.
     :: my kiwi cake turned out completly delicious.  more on that later..

Friday, August 20, 2010

a very happy day..

:: drinking the rooibos tea. it is snowing all around us in Tasmania!
   a very wintery scene here this week.
:: remember i said i won a bundle of wool felt on the SEW MAMA SEW giveaway
                           ' christmas in july '?
  well...turns out they felt like sending me the book as well!
   hooray for giveaways. thank you Amanda..this is the most generous gift ever.
   :: the book is such a creative delicious mix of christmas crafts .
     just look at this colorful bundle of soft silky wool felt. so so in abundance.
     i feel truly blessed.

:: jack and i looked thru each page of the book with such fondness.
   i then asked what he wanted to make.
   he picked the little woodland mushroom man!
                                  {thank you guys so much for the birthday shout outs.}
                                                           giveaway here tomorrow !!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

late night

its amazing how tired you can be, and yet when the notion to quilt strikes you all day and your children have entirely different plans for you so that not an ounce of that quilting itch gets scratched...you can stay up into the wee hours of the morning with the vim and vigor of a 20year old doing your quilting  { i'll pay for this tomorrow }

trouble and his accomplice will be bouncing out of bed in , oh about 5 hours and some change...ready to tackle the world. will i ? { i do believe in positive thought steering so yes. i will }

                                           half of the 'web' block is finished and it is F.U.N.
                                                 I really want to stay up and
                     do more but not being 20 any more
                                                                       alas i must go to bed.
                                      i'm totally fueled up on these and they are delicious...
                                           ~ off to dream of spiders webs ~