Friday, August 20, 2010

a very happy day..

:: drinking the rooibos tea. it is snowing all around us in Tasmania!
   a very wintery scene here this week.
:: remember i said i won a bundle of wool felt on the SEW MAMA SEW giveaway
                           ' christmas in july '?
  well...turns out they felt like sending me the book as well!
   hooray for giveaways. thank you Amanda..this is the most generous gift ever.
   :: the book is such a creative delicious mix of christmas crafts .
     just look at this colorful bundle of soft silky wool felt. so so in abundance.
     i feel truly blessed.

:: jack and i looked thru each page of the book with such fondness.
   i then asked what he wanted to make.
   he picked the little woodland mushroom man!
                                  {thank you guys so much for the birthday shout outs.}
                                                           giveaway here tomorrow !!


  1. Oh you are so lucky, lots of beautiful felt and a book, cheers Marie

  2. oh WOW, what an amazing package to turn up. That felt looks so scrummy, and those colours are beautiful.

  3. What is it about felt? It looks so luscious and promises lots of fun.

  4. ohh wow, what great treasures & what a lovely day.
    I have said it before, that felt looks YUMMY!!!
    enjoy ♥

  5. that books looks awesome! Just the cover does! Cool! Well done to you to win it!

    & your little man & mushroom man look terrific! Great job!

  6. How fun and creative! The mushroom man looks great. I think I'll have to put that book on my wish list.

  7. That's an adorable little mushroom that you made. What fun, to win those fabulous prizes!

  8. What a gorgeous blog! Thanks for commenting on I have found yours!

  9. Lovely to see someone enjoying and making the most of the lovely winter weather. Felts are a great winter craft - lucky you for the win.