Tuesday, May 25, 2010

something for me

i made myself a bag today.
my enthusiastic 5yearold likes it.
 " cool bag, man, is it mine??"
he says.
no, its not yours.
 its mine.all mine. as soon as possible, i'm gonna stick some money and a book in it, and go have a nice cappuccino. OUT.{without you kids! i didn't say the last bit, just thunk it...}
sewing is so nice. i love it. i used echino birds and heather ross tadpoles. the free pattern is here. i found it on a blog posting where 10 free bag patterns were listed in a box block with little photos. (can anybody tell me where that was?) i couldn't find it...bummer. there were several other bags i wanted to try. i've got lots of sewing projects this week and i'm so excited! it feels good to put down the knitting needles and switch gears to my machine for a bit. { i find that people who were first knitters will also sew, but there are lots of sewers who don't care for knitting. do you find that true? do you do both? which did you learn first?}
tomorrow is ric-rac's sewing baskets. i can't wait!!  i've got this  thing   about putting things into things. what's your thing?


  1. Absolutely LOVE this bag! I'll have to try it (: Sewing seemed to come as second nature. I started learned when I was a wee thing of 4 years old. I took my first knitting class a few months ago and still haven't gotten it down yet. Our first project was a scarf...I might be finished with it by next year (:

  2. I don't knit. I think I'm just intimidated. I do sew, but only minimally, so as not to waste (old fabric, sheets, etc) or if I just find the coolest thing ever to make for my kids! :-) I love the bag, the fabric. So cute!!

  3. I really, really want to learn to knit. There is a beautiful yarn store a mile from my house. I just can't invest money in another hobby right know. I love the bag. It is nice to make something for yourself once in awhile.
    Your friend, Camille.

  4. What a cool bag, you go girl and get your coffee. cheers Marie

  5. Hey there Angelina ... reminds me of a bob dylan song i really like. was trying to figure out what the lining fabric was... tadpoles, love it, it looks great.
    I have no clue how to knit, well i can cast on and knit a scarf but i don't really consider that knitting because I can't follow a pattern & don't know any other stitches just what i got taught as a kid. But i can sew and did learn that first and then learned how to crochet. I hope to figure out how to knit someday but i'm kind of saving it til later.

  6. I love the bag! I really need to get back to my sewing machine and learn how to make bags and dresses.