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Friday, June 27, 2014

~ Knitting the Princess Fiona with Swans Island Yarn + A Giveaway ~

Hello friends. Boy is it hot. An impounding sweltering melting plastic kind of hot.
Rain. We are having a week of heat mixed with clouds and quick/hard rain showers.
You know, the kind of hard sudden rain showers that have you running outside ripping all
of your three loads of washing off the line; you and all the washing are dripping wet; and then
the sun comes back out hot. Yeah, that.

I was lucky enough to be selected as a test knitter for the ever so gorgeous PRINCESS FIONA
by the talented Amy Miller. I am a wee bit behind (( ahem )) as the pattern has been live for a week (or two) and has gotten all of the attention that it so deserves. It is a mighty fun knit and a very comfortable wearing sweater indeed. I do believe its my favourite fitting knitted sweater !

'Princess Fiona'   -  pictured and modeled by its designer Amy Miller.
Photo courtesy of  Amy Miller Knits.
My own Princess Fiona finally has (almost) one sleeve finished !
Still nursing a bruised and very sore finger , my knitting is slow.

I chose the most delicious yarn for my sweater. It was my first time using the beautiful Swans Island Organic Merino Yarn ( and I might have ordered more already, oops).  I am using two skeins only for my sweater! So there is awesome yardage, but the feel ? Oh my gosh. It is spun with a thread of
Alpaca,  making it lightweight yet warm , and oh-so-soft. Like Cashmere soft. Amazing stuff, you've got to check out this yarn.  They also sell beautiful wraps, scarves, and blankets !

Swan's Island Organic Merino Yarn - shown in the colourway 'OATMEAL'.
Photo courtesy of Swan's Island Website.

You can purchase Amy Miller's patterns wholesale here at Deep South Fibers.

Want to win a copy of Amy Miller's

Princess Fiona Sweater Pattern?

Put your name in the draw by using the Rafflecopter below.
Make sure and leave your email or Ravelry UserName so I can contact you .
When my sweater is finished I will be back to show you and I will announce a winner ! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I knew I should have stopped in there when we were in Maine last summer. Drove right past it, but thought it was only blankets. Lovely yarns.

  2. What a pretty pattern!

  3. I love your knit! That is going to look gorgeous! Go you! Healing vibes for your hand so you can knit fast!!!

  4. Hi Dear,
    very special! Love the pattern! Can't do it myself, so I always admire that!
    Your garden is doing bretty well!!!
    Have a wonderful time and all the best from Austria

  5. I saw this pattern on pinterest and found your blog there as well. I really love the color you chose. I've already ordered that yarn but I still need the pattern.

  6. I've seen this pattern in Pinterest and really like it, though I've never done any of Amy Miller's patterns before!

  7. I am so happy to win Princess Fiona pattern! Thank you.... :-)