Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Solstice

 Garden Journal - 

Hello dearest people, I took a little walk this (hot) morning on Summer's Solstice 2014.

What a wonderful season it is, after all of that *cold and snow* - this green lush world has
rewarded us so kindly with a hot and relatively wet growing season. There is nothing more
rewarding as a human being than to cultivate the soil ,  plant a seed , and eat a meal.
The 'Wildwood Pumpkin' is taking off - look how its grown in just a few days !

Compost bin materials in the background - from salvage in the shed.

Corn dolly , anyone ?

Aren't these silks gorgeous. 

Corn tasseling - Look I caught two tiny bees in flight - enjoying themselves on this summer's solstice. It's too hot for that, I think , little bees. =)

Hello beautiful zinnias , coming up from last years seeds left. 
So very happy to see you again this growing season.

I found 'wild' Jerusalem Artichokes growing at the edge of our woods. 
I love them so , it reminds me of my shared garden with my dear friend
Sarina on Nowhere Road.
The tubers can be dug up , cooked and eaten.

A grand lover of the wild and colourful Mushroom - 
especially ORANGE !

What beauty there is to be found in Nature.

Happy Summer Solstice everyone.

(two pictures that refused to not be in this post, ok have it your way guys) 

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