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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello there

Oh, I believe it's summer. A really nice one thus far. 

Time to fill up the swimming pools , use all of mama's organic lemongrass dishwash soap down the slip' n slide , ignore all of the bugbites , enjoy summer library time and icecreams with Nana , plenty of slow smoked meat and hammock resting time , lazy afternoons and evenings and mornings and weekends , laughter of children and water squirters and admiring twinkling fireflies at dusk. It's what summertime is all about.

Never mind the fact that I nearly chopped off my index finger with a pineapple lid this evening and Jackson says as I am on the mend " so does this mean that you cannot knit?" .... don't say it Jackson, I utter in reply, don't say it.  A loud silent grin eminates the room. It wasn't smiles there for awhile, but we survived it. (Hence this late night blog and no bedtime knitting boo hoo!!!!!!)

My darling middle child is going to bed tonite with his very first wiggled out milk tooth tucked under the pillow. I tell him during the day what a big (HUGE) thing this is; for it is a moment of great change so Rudolph Steiner teaches. The beginning of body changes; a gateway toward entering a new era for him and his learning development. He is just one month into his 6th year of life, and loving his 'Magic TreeHouse' books, all things superhero, loves guns-arrows-bombs-swords-shields-ropes-and his cowboy boots. He often goes into the yard dressed in character. It is darling. I love him so.

My finger is killing me. There is no knitting for me tonite. I am finishing up a testknit for Amy Miller's Princess Fiona (pattern has been released, here). 
I suppose I could show you a few pics of what I have so far. One sleeve to go now, and I will be back with a pattern giveaway ! It is a fun knit and I am sure you will love knitting it. And, no more pineapple cans for me. 



  1. Sorry about your finger, love. :( The first paragraph of this post and your description of summertime was inspiring, and made me happy to be alive. Thanks for that.

  2. well, the sweater is looking great. What a bummer!