Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarning Along

Hello there yarn along people , and everyone else of course.
 I do love Wednesdays,,,, well, its actually nearly Thursday  here in the Southern Hemisphere. But anyway.......

Because I finished my Cria ( previous post ) , I got to cast on a new sweater, yah! This one has been in my eyes view for awhile, I am loving it. It's going to be a stripey sweater for the March birthday boy. This yarn is irrestable. ( Rav notes here ).

I told you that I checked out Jane Austen's Persuasion a few weeks ago to compliment my Jane Austen's Knits project. Cheryl mentioned it was her favourite, as well as some of the writers in the knitting magazine. My librarian chic mentioned to me, that if I did not like it now, I would one day.
After reading the first chapter twice, I can summarize the following :: a well off gentlemen has lost his wife and is raising his three daughters in an English society. Two of them, Mary and Anne, are vaguely mentioned but it is Elizabeth who is clearly his favorite and he finds it his mission that she should marry well. There is this fellow he invited for dinner and he doesn't show and then they find he is married.
That is all I can say. That was chapter one. I cannot comment on chapter two, because I have only read it once.

I disgress. So basically what I am saying is I have kids. There are large words. I can't read every chapter twice. Perhaps Linda was right? Maybe this is not the easiest way to step into the writing world of Jane Austen. Can anyone recommend a lighter stepping stone?
{ oh yes and I cheated and read the back, as you do, and guess what? turns out the whole book is about      Anne !!! }

So I am reading a book about Spooky Haunted Places. I LOVE the paranormal. WWwhhooooooOOOO.
My hat ? Yes, this is my second time knitting Ysolda's rose red . This time I was not paying attention to my knitting ( but rather the movie where Tom Cruise takes his shirt off , ahem ) and my hat turned out HUGE. I used a discontinued wool called 'Harmony', which bragged to be an 8ply and knitted totally like a 12ply. Closet worsted.
So today I felted it. Just threw it in the wash. It works ! It was meant as a gift.... of course I want to keep it.

Aahhh. The wonderful world of knitting. What are you up to ?


  1. I'm sorry Persuasion hasn't won you over. I'm not sure which I would suggest otherwise. I first read them as a teenager. They all tend to have the same rhythm and use of language. All the heroines are young and looking for marriage, even if they don't realise it at first. She wrote about her world. Love your felted hat. Good call to felt it.

    1. but i LOVE sense & sensibility ! what about the something Abbey one? Perhaps I'll try it...

  2. I wasn't a huge fan of Persuasion either and didn't even make thru a whole chapter so you did much better than me! I guess I'm in the minority but Victorian literature is just not something I like to read.
    It's it funny how gifted knitting is always the one we want to keep? It is a great looking hat!
    Happy Yarn along.

  3. Love the Tom Cruise comment! Too funny...

  4. I thought your hat looked felted in the picture, nice save! And it will be extra warm in windy weather now as a bonus

  5. I love the color of your new knit! Can't wait to see more of it. I know what you mean about having children and trying to read a harder book. Sometimes I feel I can only read late at night and by then I am far too tired for a book with big words! :)

    Cynthia @

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  7. what a happy "mistake" that hat was -- it's adorable!!!!