Tuesday, March 13, 2012

American Today

Hello all !
I do hope you who are reading this are finding yourselves quite perky and happy in life.
I myself am working now on three sweaters !!
This first little beauty i showed you just last week, it is a Veera child's sweater. I have stuffed up the neck cuff, but we won't talk about that just now. Birthday Boy has chosen silky green stripes. I can't wait to get to the stripes. I love stripes.

Just cast on this week is a  garter stitch sweater for my self.  I bought a case {can i say a case?} of this yarn over a year ago, so it feels nice to give it purpose now. The dk weight yarn and I are really getting along. It is going fast. I do like fast sweaters. The lanolin was left in this yarn also, making it very nice to knit with. Soft and silky, no splits, coiled and springy. It reminds me of Colinette Jitterbug.
Now for my favorite special sweater.
Veera's got several new sweater patterns coming out in the new few weeks, so get your wool stashes organized. This cabled up cardigan makes me so happy. Knit in a sturdy worsted Madelinetosh Vintage. This yarn is amazing. Just as it's name implies, the soft feel and colour is very 'worn' yet rugged. The sturdy yet gentle twist of the yarn gives great stitch definition and is perfect for cabled cardigans. Oh Madelinetosh !
And now.... a stash update this week !! 
{ I buy all of my yarn online, there are no craft shops within a plane flight of where i live.}

If you click on the yarn pictures, the name should pop up. Or maybe not?
Anyway, some Madelinetosh sock ( which i've never used )
and some more MadTosh Vintage in thunderstorm -
which looks to die for and i'm going to make this
and some gorgeous Wollmeise which does
not yet have a purpose
but believe me
And guess where I'm going today?
To Broome, to take my Australian Citizenship Test !!!
If I should pass , I'll carry a dual citizenship.
American today, maybe American/Australian tomorrow !


  1. Did you pass your test? Congrats to you!

    Love the knitting! You are really coming along great guns with that & I am jealous of that wool & all your new wool! Beautiful! Where do you buy it all? I haven't used any of those wools before either. Very jealous! Can't wait to see them all knitted!

    1. i buy most of my yarns on ebay! yarn shops from england are particularly cheap i find....and many will chip in free postage to oz.

  2. good luck with the cititizenship test. Whenever I hear about someone taking it I wonder if I (having always lived in australia) would pass it lol:)
    so many gorgeous knits and yarns! Im loving the vintage blue cables and the levenwick is a gorgeous pattern

    1. i know , some of the questions are hard !!
      like,, when was gold discovered. and what does the legislative branch in charge of. and what does the governor general do. ..
      but .... i did alright ! :)___

  3. Goodness those yarns are making me crazy! I love to spin but I can't produce perfection and sometimes.. I think... I'm willing to pay for it...

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. debbie i LOVE your spinning,, that is something i cant wait to learn ...