Friday, March 16, 2012

100% Achievements

Today :: is a rainy stormy indoor game playing kind of day.
The boys by themselves are into a game of battleship.  Probably a bit advanced for 3 year old Nesta, who nonchelantly calls out to me with the question , " Mom,, do boats have lives?"
Here in the pic Jack is saying its Nesta's time to pick a number, while Nesta has more important ideas in his mind. {To fit his feet inside his red pants so he looks more like spiderman}

The garter sweater has sleeves ! Onto the body we march....

{Pictured is our backyard Boab Tree.}
We are under a cylone watch up here. Which means batten down the hatches, secure everything, and expect lots of rain and wind. And more battleship.....
This has been a very mild wet season compared to years gone by. Since this region only gets rain 4 months out of each year, it is crucial that we get adequate amounts during the wet. Usually, March is the rainiest and the hottest. It is also the most exciting, it is my eldest boy's birthday month and also the end of the hot weather. We look forward to much more outdoor time, camping, and exploring together our last dry season in the Kimberley!
**Thank you for the well wishes regarding my test ! And guess what? I passed !
Not only did I pass, but with 100 % ~!~
So now, I do declare myself a citizenship smartypants and attach that 100% to my personal label, much as Mma Makutsi does in The Number #1 Ladies Detective Agency, (by Alexander McCall Smith ) where she scores 99.7% on her Botswana Secretarial School final examinations, and is constantly reminding others and herself of the achievement.
So from 100% to you, have a good day ! :)


  1. haha! yes! well done you, and remind everyone you should, it must not be an easy test to take.

    of course looking like spiderman is most important. your sweater is looking good, i love that tree, and stay safe!
    xxx lori

  2. Keep safe up there! Battleships by the score I think after watching the weather report!

    & the knitting looks great!

  3. congrats to both you!!!! and spidey (looks like he made it into those red pants--definitely spiderman-ish!)

  4. Congrats on passing. 100%. Yeh! Does it entitle you to anything? First in all queues, reserved parking spaces, free chocolate. That would be good. Love the expression on your eldest's face. So not amused! I'm guessing he's slipped passed the spiderman phase.

  5. the colours to that sweater are to die for... i feel autumn coming on, well, over at your end, is it?
    sorry i've been absent... renovation is taking over. my body squeals, but hey? seems i have a good old body after all...
    love to you all...