Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, Virginia

Hello friends , a very fine 'dry season' we are having (this month , anyway) here in the Kimberley.
It is so nice to be able to sit outside ! Most of the year, for us anyway, its just not possible. Too hot.
But right now, the temps are ranging from 17C at night up to 30C daytime. Sometimes a wee bit cooler, which means that while the kids build and run and play, I can sit outside and knit ! And look up at the beautiful blue skies and dream. Let my mind be clear and my thoughts wander where they will. Often a plane to pass overhead or a wedge-tailed Eagle in flight. But on this day, when I looked up, I saw .... a wolf !

Now I realize that cloud gazing is a bit like seeing someone's imaginary friend - but i really do see a wolf ! he is facing West , eye, mouth, nose, ears, running back leg out tail up. By the time Jack and I pointed and talked and watched this dear wolf evolve as clouds do , I decided to get up and get the camera. Clouds move, however, and this is what was photographed. At this stage, the wolf had faded, though visible still i do believe. Imagine how very clear it was when we saw it !

Beautiful blooming Frangipani blossoms from the trees, everywhere. The scent is euphoric, quite like a gardenia, but stronger. When picked and placed in a room, truly aaaHHH.
Our beautiful Lucy dog, which I do believe I have never blogged before. Dear Lucy dog, who is so so good with my children, who keeps us safe in many ways. You are very special to us !
Some knitting that even though I have been hard at it for two weeks now after a mild hibernation - well, I do believe this is not moving !  I keep saying to myself ( out loud as you do ) that if I can just.get.to.the.arm.dividing.part things will pick up . Fingering sweaters ! ( It's my ochre )
And pictured below ... my very first Wollmeise lace project !
I did have an oopsey just in the beginning, which set my rows all off by one stitch.
Nevermind that ! I tend to appreciate what is right instead of what is wrong, especially with
a first time lace shawl . Lace knitting isn't all that easy, and I am patting myself onthe back for giving this
a go ! :)
The yarn is as divine as I knew it would be , and I am in my first mystery knit-along.
It is fun to get a small 'clue' each week, and to knit this shawl without a picture of the finished product.
It 's the Thru the Loops Mystery KAL here on ravelry which I am doing with my pal.
Clue 3 to be released tomorrow !! We should see some intricate lacework next I imagine ...
I wish a very happy day to you all !


  1. Both beautiful colours! I have to say winter is not so dry here in SE Qld! I am so over the wet this year!! I love cloud gazing too and Yes I see your wolf:) I have wolves on the brain at the moment as I'm trying to crochet one for a storytelling prop...

    1. oh, i bet you're just saying that ! :)

      we've seen on the news, lots more flooding on east Australia AGAIN this year.

      a crochet wolf sounds grand .. i just found a new knitted hat pattern on ravelry with a wolf, inspired by the Laura Ingalls Wilder book SILVER LAKE.


  2. i was looking for a wolf in the trees, haha. and that green, beautiful!

    1. Ha ! NO, no wolves in australia, but we do have dingoes here. very sneaky..

  3. oh how I love cloud gazing. I can totaly see the wolf! Your dog is adorable:)

  4. i love plumeria. couldn't see the wolf. i want to knit with wollmeise too one day. why virginia in the post title?

    1. wollmeise is a dream to knit with. infact, i would easily say it is the most perfect commercial yarn one can find....... named Virginia, i do believe the dear author is trying to communicate with me , thru the clouds :)