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Thursday, June 24, 2010

my creative space

week one of the hook.
i am rather excited. i feel ive overcome two obstacles. three, really.
::: my crochet ability has speeded up considerably. i started off a snail and now
i'd say i am more like a beetle with a limp. i'm on square three of this .
::: thanks to the lovely dotty i now realize that one should chain three when going fromst
row to row. well! that solves a problem. now? nice smooth edges.
::: last night in bed with the hook and billy connely i noticed if i went into the 'back' loop
i got a frontward ridge. if i went in the 'front' loop i got a ridge on the back. it was at this
moment of trying to keep it all straight that i had my eureka moment.  what if . . what if
i just hooked thru both of those babies every time? would this bothersome ridge just go
away, disappear into the land of the lost? YES! no. more. ridges. strait pretty rows.
{don't make me write a crochet book..} so i'm going to continue doing this, unless someone tells me
its illegal, or somehow devestating in the long term.....yah for crochet!

i've met the nicest folks over at kirstys each week.
wont you join us?


  1. Way to go! You're doing it. Easy right? lol
    Going through both loops definately gives a firmer finish. You're going to have that blanket whipped up in no time. X

  2. wow that is so cool - I love those aha! moments!! I'm itching to figure out crochet as well, so I may just tag along!

  3. Oh a blanket buddy! Lovely to meet you! I'm glad you told me it gets easier cos that first 30 has been the battle so far! I need them all the same though so they all fit later! Love yours. Colours are lovely.
    & good on you for marrying a Taswegian! Taswegians are the best! lol

  4. Angelina, that is awesome. I too learnt the same when I got back into my crochet on a serious note. I learnt over at Pip's with her awesome tute. I love the colours you have here. I look forward to watching your beautiful creation grow.

  5. Good to see you worked it out. There are some cool posts in beginer crochet the do's and donts. Just google... Looking good!

  6. Woohoo, it's looking great , and isn't soo satisfying when you finally work something out.

  7. Do you dream about crocheting in your sleep? ;) I remember when I learned how to knit, I would be making stitches and counting them in my sleep!

  8. i don't speak crochet but congrats on figuring something out. that;s how i feel when i have little ah-ha moments knitting. very satisfying. xo m.

  9. Yay good for you! Once you master the stitches you're away! Saw you on kootoyoo and followed your comment! have a lovely day!

  10. I have no idea what you are saying here. And it's kind of a scary lookin pastime. I saw Dottie angels tute also, and again... Totally confused! I would love love love a hand made blanket however!!!! So I may just be comeing back to your post here one day soon so I can figure it all out.
    Ps did you ever get the book from the library?

  11. Looks great. Very pretty colours. Lovely dovely indeedy.

  12. that sounds pretty good. eureka moments are the best, they stick.
    i'm kinda wondering... you mentioned 'eyelets' in your comment? could you tell me what you mean? and did any of the crochet video(link) shed some light?
    [i guess connelly is the best light though... ;)))]

  13. yes yes, through both loops! that's how it's done! i always look up instructions online when learning a new stitch too - it helps to compare a couple diagrams (helps me anyway). bravo!

  14. your going great guns :o)
    crochet is so much faster than knitting

  15. What a beautiful basket - and gorgeous little ones! Frog catching - how fun!

    Namaste, Nicole

  16. fantastic to learn a new crafty skill and perfect it. good on you. don't you love this inspiring bloggy community