Friday, March 2, 2012

art of the unRavel

 The UnRavel.

Either you love it or you don't.

I love it .


I feel i can easily sort out all of life's problems during a simple session of untangle unravel unknit.
Sometimes, I knit things just so i can unravel them.

{No, not really}

So here i was last night, happily knitting away on a small easy project for a gift.
And then, I saw these.

Oh my.
Gasp gasp
Double gasp.

Aren't they the prettiest things ever?
Well worth some unRaveling.
{aND some problem solving for free}


  1. They really are the most beautiful pair of mitts. I can promise you they are lovely to make too.

  2. Just popped over and checked out those mitts, they are fantastic! That blue yarn you are using is a lovely colour.
    As for unraveling, for me its a bit like yoga, sometimes I have to motivate myself into doing it but I always feel glad I did it afterwards!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh my goodness. They are lovely. I can imagine knitting a pair of those and that yarn..... Nice blog too. (If I find any more blogs to follow then we will have to give up one meal a day!) I like unraveling too, but I usually have to leave it for a year or two after finishing.

  4. Fetching is such a lovely pattern!!! It's actually my go-to pattern for fingerless mitts--but don't you just love them in the silk garden????? i agree--well worth a rip out to get them on the needle! happy knitting

  5. i love unraveling too! i guess it's because i don't like waste and unloved projects are unhappy wool. as soon as you unravel, the possibilities begin again!
    and thank you so much, i'm so happy you like them. LOVE silk garden, and fetching is my go to pattern (and toasty)also, can't count how many pairs i've made. (i forgot to put these on ravelry)ah well.
    xx lori

    1. hi lori, i 'll have to look up toasty. my fetching mitts are waaay too big. and i stink at modifying patterns. :((

    2. if you use the silk garden and a size 6 needle you should be spot on. that's what i used for evi's. (for fetching)

  6. those mits are nice! I quite like ripping out an unwanted project and balling the yarn ready for its new life too. Although unraveling lace mid project because I spotted a mistake or dropped stitch 10 rows ago, not so much:)So is the red rose staying? I have the pattern in my rav favourites, so pretty