Sunday, April 3, 2011


Weekend Sewing!
My princess + frog + unicorn quilt is finally underway.
I am thrilled to pieces {ha ha get it?} ..this is so much fun. I am using a simple block pattern
with 12 inch squares (by Heather Ross) bordered with a nice brown cotton
(by Amy Butler)...this pattern is found  Material Obsession.

Quilting is such a holy word.
It is such peaceful mindful meditation.
As I pin and piece and sew , my mind is clear
and reflective. I think of my quilting ladies.
They seem to be all around me.
Two (of many) beautiful quilts that my 'Thimble Game' Grandmother has made.
When I tell her I am making a quilt her eyes get such a twinkle.
She is a restful sweet lady in her 8th decade of life now, and
has made so many beautiful treasures that she has shared with us all!
My paternal grandmother was an excellent craftster as well. She dabbled in so many different things...embroidery, doillies, crochet and knitting, running her own business, and of course quilting.
As I was working on my quilt yesterday, my thoughts also went to her. She passed down to me a homemade quilt to which she named her " million dollar quilt ".
{That's it above}
It's really a one inch cathedral window quilt..but she said that's what she'd take to make another.
Are there quilts in your life?


  1. no and i wish there were. my mom isn't crafty and neither was her mother. but, my dad's mom was - however, she passed away before i was born. he has a knit blanket from her and that is all. i love quilts though and would like to bring them into my family's history myself. must learn to sew!

  2. No quilting history in my family that I know of but both my Grandmothers sewed. You are lucky to have those beautiful old quilts in your possession. Love the look of your Heather Ross quilt so far:)

  3. That is all kinds of fabulous that you have a family quilting history. And that is quite something - to inspire twinkles in a grandma's eye.

  4. what a wonderful history you have there, loving your unicorn + fabrics!

  5. Love those green unicorns! I have several quilts that my grandmother made as well as one that she and I made together.

  6. The story behind your grandmother's quilt makes it even more precious.

    I have the fabrics, I have the book, now I just need to start actually making the quilt. After the I finish the crochet rug I tell myself...

  7. My grandmother quilted....and I've always wanted to learn...I actually found this really cool pattern I love...but really don't want to spend that much money on the material they suggested on the site. I have a sewing's just a matter of sitting down and trying something small first. I remember it would take a year sometimes for my grandmother to finish a quilt for a bed. That intimidates me! I would love to take it on once so I can make one for my daughter though.