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Saturday, May 3, 2014


                 OH MY GOSH FRIENDS, LOOK WHO HAS BEEN ON THIS EARTH FOR              

What a special little boy , we are so blessed to have a third beautiful healthy boy to share our life with.
Jarrah Mica has the most special personality ; his smile and his eyes light up any room.
His spirit is one who is relaxed and full of love for all around him. He loves music in particular and has the cutest little dance moves. He makes us laugh, he is a real little ham. What a character, at just ONE!

He got some really awesome gifts ! A special Amazonian Drum - with amazing percussion, which he instantly began playing.He also got a cool rocking doggy, a water playset, ABC abacus, and a snazzy police car , which he loves for his "brothers" to push him round in .

 As you can see, mummy knitted him a very special huge  horsey as well !
It was a testknit for Linda over at Natural Surburbia . It was knit in just two days.  It still needs ears and eyes, but you know. We are now in relaxed post birthday mood here.
Would you like to make your own Horsey? Linda would like to gift one of you with the pattern!
 Leave a comment on this post and I will select a winner.

Ooh, I love birthdays. I love children. I love my life.

ps. one more thing , , , we have received the coolest new building tool / equipment this week. I can't wait to share more with you about it, It is such a wonderful addition to our homeschooling life here, great for architecture, maths, building, etc. And such fun , the kids LOVE it ! I am very excited about sharing this with you !!!!! ( And once you hear, you will be excited, too! )



  1. Hi Angelina:)
    What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your little one!
    Thanks so much for test knitting my horse pattern, he turned out wonderfully:)

  2. Happy Birthday Jarrah! I WISH I could knit b/c the horse is beautiful!!

  3. Ooh! Such a happy post for me to return to! I've been a horrible reader. Now I see you've been posting, I'll be back! Happy birthday little love!

  4. I love these pics of busy, happy children. I would love to knit a horsey for my new nephew!

  5. How kind! I love the pic of the birthday boy face to face with that cute horse. Great yarn choice too!

  6. Oh my, he is so cute! Congratulations on his first circle around the sun he looks like a joy to spend those days with.

  7. I would love to knit that cute horse!!

  8. Congrats on his first birthday! We have a new grandson - now 3 mos. old.... His Nana would love to knit him a horsey too!