Monday, March 26, 2012

Playing with Wool

Here's what we're up to today ::
  • make mom a new heatpack
  • work some more on the fiddler's mitts
  • play with cool birthday presents ( knitting doll and wool felt ! )
  • work some more on angie
My Wollmeise has arrived - and i love it.
The fiddler's mitts and angie will be a matching set to wear ,,,,,, eekkk!!
So excited , it will be awesome.

The fiddler's  mitts are my very first colourwork, i've taken little hints from others. Cutting yarn into little balls, wrapping the two strings every 2 stitches or so to prevent holes. I am going somewhere in between really tight tension and loose tension. Add that into following a chart for the first time, and its exciting and mad in a feverish sort of way. But look ! The stranded colourwork is starting to come thru. I don't expect this first stranded project to come out perfect ( too late for that ) , but I see this as a great learning opp. I'm expanding my knitting horizons. You should see how far along i've come , just in the past year. It feels great.


  1. Your colourwork looks so pretty.

    1. thank you cheryl ! off now to see what you've been crafting...

  2. That was all completely over my head, except for the heat pack bit!! Still, I love seeing what knitting you've been up to!

    1. haha :) believe ME, i've had to learn some new things !! x

  3. wow, those mits are looking gorgeous, how exciting to see how their looking on your ravelry page!

  4. what a yummy post. i would love to come play with wool with you!