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Sunday, April 1, 2012


 Lots of Sweater knitting !
The Angie Test Knit is really going well - i love this sweater pattern.
I have been trying it on during the top down knit { a wonderful treat / incentive !! } and the small is fitting me to a T. I love the neck line. I love the higher back. I love the easiness of its construction. I have made a few tiny mistakes along the way, and speaking with the designer has been really helpful. I do love test knitting, I feel like I'm really helping someone out and doing something I love all at once. Me being a Leo, I do LOVE to tell people what i 'think'. So now I'm asking what YOU think !!  This pattern has a beautiful crochet edging sewn in around the neckline. At first I thought I would do mine in a Madelinetosh Pink. But now that I see how this beautiful colourway {Magenta Dark} in Wollmeise looks, I don't want anything to spoil it. I thought maybe a dark gray or black instead ? What do you think ?
Happy Weekending to you all !


  1. I love this colour! I think that a black detail would look great!

    1. me too !! the only black i can find here is ---- rowan kidsilk haze ! ! ;/

  2. your self knowledge makes me smile, having a leo as a best friend myself. chuckling, thus.
    angela, i have sort of nominated you over at mine's, alluring you into stating five random facts. if, in between needling and stuff, you take kindly to this, then do come check this out, 'kay? in the meantime, x