Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 things

As promised, 5 things in complete randomness about Yours Truly......
One ::  I am anxiety girl . {You know, able to jump to the worst possible conclusion in a single bound}
I was not always like this. Only since having a. having children and b. moving overseas. I am not sure if this has been caused by a. or b. or both. But maybe it was inherited and always doomed to come out? I sure do hope when I get back home it just POOF goes away.

Two :: I love paranormal haunted spooky ghostly things. I love really silly zombie stuff. I used to love really scary stuff but not anymore as I age. I do like scary stuff, but not real scary stuff. I don't like to see things happen on screen or in a book that I wouldn't appreciate in real life. However, zombies get an exception. I mean if you're a zombie surely you can do whatever the heck you want without some grief about it.
I love slapstick comedy. I love to laugh. I think Carol Burnette is tops on the comedy scale. I love sci-fi and am a big STAR WARS fan. Dr. Who i do love. Star Trek *yawn* .
Three :: When I was growing up, my mother had this thing with deviled eggs. Whenever there was a picnic, or somebody died, or a party, or a church gathering or anything requiring food - my mother made deviled eggs. Boiled eggs cut in half and stuffed with this mustardy yolky mixture, bah. We despised all things deviled eggs. They stunk. Being stuck in the car on the way to said function was the pits because of that smell, and the worst? Was getting asked to hold the deviled eggs. True torture indeed. And although my sister and I never, ever tried them - we were certain nobody ate them and they were totally disgusting.
Four :: For some reason , which I do believe must be biologically driven , on party functions and both my children's birthday parties each year , I have an unspoken and constant favourite which can always be found on the menu and table. Boiled egg sandwiches. I never have the urge for them and never make them not once during any other time of the year. I AM becoming my mother. {which could totally be related to 'one' up there}..........
Five :: Are we on five already ? Dang it.
I am a leo, which means I am a lion and I roar and I have something major to contribute to the world and when someone tries to talk over me or interrupt me I will get louder and louder cause I am a LEO and I have something to say and It will totally contribute something major to this world. Get it ?


  1. 1. LOVE your sweater. LOVE.

    2. have you seen "ZOMBIELAND"? hilarious.

    3. did you knit the sweater for that TREE?

    4. motherhood is plenty of reason to become "anxiety girl." i think it happens to us all... i am still working on overcoming it.

  2. you sound like a sweetie to me :)

    love your knits!

  3. Ah, you know I just got a call today to bring DEVILED EGGS to Easter dinner at the Burnam's. I've never made them...

    The children have definitely made me more jumpy when Joe is away. I always lock the door now at naptime. And when he's outta town? A loaded shotgun by the bed.

  4. you don't actually give me that impression, the anxiety part.
    will you be going home then, somewhere in the future?

    hee hee on the sci fi & zombie stuff...

    funny, i've always had a soft spot for just the sound of deviled eggs. your little story is funny. probably not turning into your mother soon enough, although i myself am worried in that same department for totally different reasons...

    a good friend of mine is a leo. enough said.

    cheers for playing, angela.
    a hug.
    ps - that one label, blame nadine; LOVING it! cheerz...

  5. Yup, I'm a fan of the zombie genre, too. Your knitting is just gorgeous, Laura dear. And that tree? Oh my gosh. Will you still be my friend if I say I love deviled eggs? I like to mix them with green olives.