Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hello everyone. Wanting to update my knitting projects on here, and gather some information!
I 've got crochet on the brain. This sweater got me back into the HOOK. It had been ages.
So long... that I cast on 11 stitches onto my crochet hook and then gazed at it strangely for several
long seconds in awe, asking my wee brain .. what do i do next ? .... before laughing at myself at what i'd done. :)  This is Angie , and is soon to be released. There will be a giveaway for this pattern here when it is.
I am planning on ripping out this collar and crocheting it over. I missed the pun on the reverse stitch , because of  Emmylou and Gram distracting me I do believe.
My greenish ochre cardigan has made great progress ! THis is a hip fun little open cardigan, i love how the garter rolls. Look at this Wollmeise green funk ! This is bluejean white teeshirt with red maryjanes kindof a sweater :) ---- and i say i'm not a planner , ha !
And little miss l i g h t n i n g ?
A perfect fit.
I've modified mine to become a squishy roomy pullover sweater.
It is my first ever jumper - and I LOVE this colourway.

I've just ordered several Doris Lessing novels from our local library .
I've read her 9 African Short Stories with awe.
This lady is in her 90s and still writing novels !

I've also ordered a wonderful book - Scandanavian Christmas Balls to Knit !
We fly in two days down to Perth for a week, to get passports and visas from
the Embassy - getting us all ready for our Great Migration ! :)))))))))
Happy thoughts to all out there ~!


  1. i love how you intertwine your creative endeavours with literature. i remember lessing having a similar effect on me, when i realized the woman is going strong. i haven't read anything by her though, for a too long time..
    the colour schemes on your projects are just so funky!
    tell me about the migration?

  2. I love your knitting! & all the lovely yarns you are lucky enough to have to use! Just beautiful!
    & tell me about the migration too! I have seen a couple of references to it & did ask a couple times a while back, but email me when why & how come! Please! Love to hear it all! Bet you can't wait!

  3. a new author (to me)!! and great inspirational knits....I've been looking at that Veera pattern for awhile. Yours in quite lovely!

  4. your a knitting wonder! i'm still loooking for that book, although i did find african laughter on my shelf. i do love veeras new sweater, yours looks so pretty in that colorway!

  5. I agree - that Madelintosh yarn, Thunderstorm, is divine! Can you please let me know, or give a reply here, which online seller you used to ship your Madelinetosh here to WA? Thanks so much.

    1. hi samantha, yarns of fine (dot) com (dot) au can get madtosh yarns. also ebay in america is relatively cheap to buy and have sent over here.