Friday, March 23, 2012

Reflections { in dirty mirrors }

      Reflections .  The last day of my little darlings 6th year . What a wonderful little being you are .
      What a magical presence you are in all of our lives .  What a gift . 
      Before bed he says  " i'll see you tomorrow in my new form , my 7 yearold form " . hee hee .



  1. cute boy. happy birthday! i hope you like your new 7 year old form. : ) he looks to take after his mama's form.

  2. I have dirty mirrors like that too but it doesn't matter when there are smilling faces.

    1. i agree ! i could have spent today making the house immaculate. ( for tomorrows party ).. but i spent it cuddling jack instead. who cares about sticky floors?

  3. hooray, yes hugs and snuggles are best! happy birthday to your new 7 year old and happy birth day to you too mama. xxx