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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A colour Affection

Look - the Colour Affection Shawl is finished !
I do love it ... a quick, satisfying, easy going kind of knit.
A grab it and go kind of knit.
A green bird watching kind of knit.

{Pattern and my notes found here.}

Yarn is Celtic Memory Yarn handdyed in Ireland by the lovely Jo.
You can find her here

My sweet one did not want to go to school today,
he was out all last week sick. Now it's pouring rain
outside, and could be the God's crying for him too.
Reading my Homeschooling Books last night on
Grade 2 - wondering where is that world that we
do not question our selves , our actions.
What is best :: interactions with lots of strangers ,
or intimate days with only the ones you know most.


  1. yay, looks great, fantasic on you! such pretty greens. i still haven't even begun mine...ah well...
    i hope your sweetie pie is better soon. and yes days like that are made for cuddling up at home.
    xxx lori

    1. your colours are gorgeous, so exciting you won it !! you wont believe how fast it goes once you begin, its like you cant put it down. i winked at mine before i went to bed at night. ( *very strange....*)

  2. Oh that's lovely, great colours! Love that expression in the last photo too lol!

  3. Oh I am thrilled with the way that turned out! It's such a delight to see my yarns used to make something so beautiful.

    Well done, you. There is a small touch of magic in that yarn (forgot to tell you) which will bring the soft damp green-ness of Ireland to you every time you wear it. See if I'm not right!

  4. It looks really good...I saw this made up at a knitting fair at the weekend in purples but I think it looks even better your colourway...

  5. Beautiful shawl, the colour looks great on you. Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

  6. its gorgeous, it looks so cozy and soft.