Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friday at Hawley Beach!
Lots of fun this weekend, it was HOT and SUNNY and very much like SUMMER! I think it's here! The kids just love time at the beach. We went back on Saturday and he wanted to stay for a picnic; so next time I told him.....
Nestas best thing to do (which is everything at the beach , really) is to scavenge the rocks for cockel shells. He sticks one on each finger (poor creatures shaking within). They smell lovely when found in the car the next week. Jack gets busy looking in the rocks, surfing the waves he says, and then playing in the sand. After my mermaid seaweed palace was on the market, Jack looks at it, then at John and says ' why didn't we think of that?'
The vacuum died last week (what a sad loss, I am unconsolable).
The water purifier is roaring madly (a sure sign of upcoming failure). We already had to replace the computer.
Mechanical things do not like to be stored for any great length of time. We are looking around wondering what is going to clink out next?
Jack is in there tinkering on the piano.
John is still asleep.
I dreamed about visiting a haunted building last night!
Time to go outside now and water this corn, we've got (ANOTHER) garden !!
Two summers in a row?
Yes, oh Yes.

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