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Saturday, January 23, 2010

beach fridays

Beach friday at Hawley...windy & nice. Picnic lunch (chicken and sand)....and radio cricket.

Sunny week here, very nice weather we are having. If Tasmania were like this more during the year It wouldn't be half bad.

Our summer garden is coming up nicely, we should have enough to do some canning and freezing I hope. My basil is yet to appear, It would help if we put the seeds in probably.

Todays chores: WINDOW CLEANING. Because we are a small island (about the size of Jekyll maybe?) and because the birds have nothing better to do than fence sitting, well doing what birds do and with the island 'sea breeze' as i'm told to call it,,,,,,leave the windows splatterd . ahem. yuk

  • Tip to the wise: if you decide to stick the beach washing in the machine 'as is' instead of shaking it all out cause you just dont feel like it there will still be sand somehow on your sheets when you wash them two weeks later. God i hate it when they are right

  • Another tip to the wise: never do 'fence kickin in' then tell the 4year old accomplice 'not to tell'. He will run and do just the opposite.

  • Here Jack is 'out to sea' . . isnt that great!

  • Schooling and letter writing. Love that the J is sometimes backwards..these little moments of learning are memories for an admiring mother...watching them grow up is wonderful. I will call this 'toothbrush art'. I thought they sure were quiet in there.

the quilt is coming along.

i started a new knitting project (yes i know)

have a glass bottle tree on my mind from the scarecrow book.

tomorrow is a funfunfunFUN woodworking day. i cant wait. i might play with it more than the kids!

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