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Monday, January 25, 2010


We had a nice weekend of family fun, as always. Took the kids up to LIFFEY FALLS , a world heritage reserve area here in TASMANIA. Picnic then walk to the falls, kids had a ball in the water. Jack climbed over the rocks, left two, and brought back two. Nesta is at home wherever he is i think. See him straight chillin in the water??

On the way back, stopped by Ashgrove cheese farm for the BEST cheese in AUSTRALIA! Man.,oh man. This cheese melts in your mouth, we love love love it. We drink their milk too; being the organic milk snobs that we are......

A bird in the bedroom. This was hilarious. At first i was trying to capture the bird and John trying TO capture it; then what became funnier was NESTA laughing at it all. He thought it was just so funny there was a bird flapping around in the house and we stopped what we were doing (which was not much let me tell you) just to laugh at him laughing at it all. Meanwhile the poor bird saw his chance and took it. Escaping from the crazy cackelling family he went back out. Which was good, I don't believe John and that BROOM was gonna cut it.

A sneak peek....ooh its pretty!!

This week on the agenda: enlist this boy into school. I've been thinking about it....and i'm sure Jack will fit right in and love spending time away doing something different. He says he wants to go. I can probably even spy on him with the binoculars if i want. ....And I want.
We can go shopping! He needs a uniform! They all look like little tiny soldiers in school here! plain shirt, special shorts (i forgot), special socks (forgot, again), and black shoes. Awww...

Off now to bake cookies. When you next see this boy, he will look a bit different!

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