Friday, October 30, 2009

butter churning & all that jazz

Hi all. We have had a fun busy last few days with visiting and packing and christmas present buying. Mixed along with some bread baking, sweater knitting, and baby loving!~ Not long now, and we find ourselves sitting together as a family all talking about when we come back......its so nice to hear long term plans aloud; and discussing them somehow makes the short term separation more bearable.

Nesta here at MawMaw's yesterday churning butter. MawMaw and Barry have been dieting and cutting out bread at meals. MawMaw told Nesta yes churn her some fresh butter and she'll take a biscuit too!

Some random shots at MawMaw's yesterday, Paula and little Jeremy were there too, it was such an awesome family day. Uncle Barry cooked a deer stew for lunch and it was so comforting to all sit for a meal at the table together with children about.

MawMaw and I got an hour or so free time to go back to the sewing room to ramble thru drawers. She tells old stories of her grandparents, when she first met Poppy Jackson, and old friends and family. We look thru old quilt patterns and see hand writings from older generations gone past. Those are the moments to cherish in my mind for a long, long time.

Nesta and Jeremy are so cute together. Its great having kids the same age in

the family, they all be great little playmates to each other. We always were around our cousins growing up and it framed such good memories and times. Family is awesome!!!

I think i see trouble in these little minds........

Fresh yeast bread......recipe coming soon!

Jack standing watch; waiting for Aunt Paula to whisk him away for a spend the nite!

My new deliciousness; soon to be pack away and I just got it! Merino fingerings in such beautiful colors; bluesky organic cottons for kitchen towels; and some sock yarn in the mix. All in a felted homemade yarn bag.

Today is pack the kids christmas presents and clothes day. Bleccckkkhhharrrg. John has been busying around getting it all done 'Maurice' style for hours. And here i sit. I think there's something stuck in my ear. I could just curl up and go back to sleep. I am blogging. Motivation skills? None to speak of....its 11am, a beautiful cloudy day. Perhaps a nice walk outside to my favorite woodsy spot in the back will get me alive and kicking. I am going to dig thru my shed today until I find WALDEN POND it is going this time on the plane with me.

Good day all / over and out.

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