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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

knick nacks knitting friends & vegemite

Hello everyone~! Taking a few shots around this knitting frenzied house. Hoping today will allow me some spare time to finish up some projects. Nothing feels better than takin care of unfinished bidness as my friend Brent says. We did a pseudo mock pack yesterday and it appears we will have everything fit and room left over! Well...I haven't added any of my yarn, sewing stuff, clothes, shoes, books...and then there's all the christmas stuff i've bought in mama's trunk John hasn't seen yet. Good thing we get two bags each. John better be eating his wheaties.

Isn't this bag GREAT?!! It's one of my favorite new pretties; its a little felted knitting basket. The pattern is listed on this chic's blog :
Last time we were in Alabama thrifting i got a massive bag of orange canadian vintage wool for $1. Like 20 skeins of orange. This pattern took 3. What else can i make that is orange!

Unfinished business #1. Debbie bliss cashmerino cabled baby socks. Lavender. I was thinking girl...but they are Nesta's first cable knitting and they turned out quite nice. I just have to motivate myself to do the other one now. I love knitting with this yarn; its dreamy soft. I got it for a deal on craigslist too; half price.

Unfinished #2 project i just somehow deleted the photo; was another debbie bliss pattern cornflower panty rompers. I knitted the small size and they too fit Nesta with room for an elephant to spare. I am thinking her patterns run .....large. I am almost finished with them just have to crochet a frilly leg cuff thing. Crochet seems so strangely out of place to me; I am always looking for that other needle.

Anywho, this BOOK I AM IN LOVE WITH. It is such a stunningly cuddly vintage knit collection it will leave even the nighttime dream knitter drooling for needles and knowhow. It is almost all fingering weight; which I am new to. I just started my first project (well really my second) this week and the fingering alpaca on size 2 needles is giving me PARkinsons or some other nerve problem. No just kidding I am getting it slooowly.
This little wooly project is hand dyed merino from a local gal. Started out a vest; took it apart. Decided on cloth diaper cover from this book; alas is not fingering weight but much larger making this more suited for covering diapers for the JOLLY green GIANT instead. Stick to the patterns ANGelina. Big PROBLEM of mine.

This is my friend JOHN PAUL. He has just spooned the most massive sized sample of VEGEmite ever. Good luck old buddy.....

Jack takes time and patience to craftingly playdough Mommy lifesize. Literally.

Ok here he is. He's not talking. He's not gagging. He's not swallowing. He's thinking to himself how to courageously get this terrible s*#$ out of his mouth!!!!!!!

My little darlings at play on what was probably our last smoking of meat for this trip. We all love spending time outside here with pops. Saturdays are always filled with outdoor adventures and memories to cherish. I can't wait until the next chapter of our Georgia adventure can continue when we come back to settle down and find a little piece of country life ourselves. Ta-tah friends.

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