Friday, September 13, 2013

Shoes = Moths = Spinning

Hello .

We have pantry moths . All food had to be thrown out . Cupboards washed in soapy water and left empty for 3 weeks . So far I have done the food part . It is so hard to find time to unpack and clean with a little baby .

My cotton has been popping open, one by one . It is so exciting to produce your own fibre. It makes me feel I could be living on the prairie , making my own clothing and bags , ropes , etc.
I have been watching youtube videos on spinning raw cotton seeds . This one is so wonderful !

I also watched this one . 
It is in forward motion , and I really have no idea what she is doing . 
But I like her shoes at the end . 

Speaking of shoes , I have finally ordered myself a pair of new shoes . 
I get very attached to shoes . 
The last time I bought shoes was over 5 years ago.
Check them out .
Bit Alice in Wonderland ?


  1. gah,,, we had pantry moths when i was a kid. they are so pesky, aren't they? i'm so happy for you to have your own cotton to feel you're on the prairie and a new pair of alice in wonderland shoes on the way!

  2. Oh! Love the idea of growing and spinning your own cotton. Absolutely fascinating. Probably a good job that cotton doesn't grow round here. I'm not getting through all my sheep fleece at the moment.

    Hope the pantry moths are gone for good.