Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things Thought

Hello friends.
IT's been cold here this week, brrrr.
Lots of resting and knitting in bed.
Working toward exciting things to come.
Excited, antipicating, waiting, day dreaming ...........

Making, slowly making, a colourful Wollmeise baby blanket.
Feeling so lucky, and a bit anxious, about a new baby.
IT's been so long -- and i do feel 'older' now.
I've been looking up pictures of 23 week old infants born prematurely,
just to see what this little baby of ours actually looks like right now.
Lots and lots of movement, sometimes violent feeling. Clearly it must be
fun and entertaining and peaceful to spin and whirl round in the womb at this
stage in one's preconscious life.
My children and mother talk lots to the baby now, supposedly the little one in
there can fully hear all that is happening in our world.
Starting to feel cramped in the lung department.
Also the stomach/digestive department.
Aah, the joys of pregnancy!

I do hope this cold weather perseveres till ,,,, say ,,,,, March  at least.
A cold pregnancy is much MUCh nicer than a hot one !

One of the ultimate joys of pregnancy for me is cloth nappies !!!!!
I love looking at them, reading about them, and buying them.
I realllllly love using them. I have always been * sad * when my children
decide (for themselves) - always at around 2 1/2 years - that they no longer
need them.
Looking at these little nappies, wondering, daydreaming.
Is this little baby really going to be this small i keep saying :)


  1. preparing for a baby...bliss.

    ps. that quilt is gorgeous. greys and yellows and heather ross.

    pss. our sheep skins are from ikea.

  2. eeeek! so so cute those nappies and your knits i love. i've always wanted to work with wollmeise. anything german excites me. one day i will.

  3. oh my goodness, i must have known, and somehow forgot? you are expecting?! how exciting, thrilling! congratulations! have fun planning, knitting and dreaming!

  4. I am way behind on this baby news! Wow! Congratulations to you all! That is the most exciting news I've heard in ages!