Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Quilt ~ in progress

Guess what , i've been making a quilt :)))

Ruby by bonnie and camille for Moda fabrics, Millie's closet by Riley Blake Designs

CAPE ANN by Liesl  Gibbons, BEE IN MY BONNET by Lori Holt,  1830 reproduction prints by Moda
Full Front Panel Finished

The pattern is the 'Leaves and vine' (48x36inches)
Found in the book ' Sunday Morning Quilts' by Amanda Jean Nyberg / Cheryl Arkinson.
This is a great book !
I am no expert quilter by any means. Having only made two before, they always seem to have pouchy
spots. I know it is because my cutting is not strait ;/ ..... which then makes my quilt all wonky and pouchy in spots ...  What I am wondering is how to avoid getting my under seams all stuffed up when i start the quilting ? I have trimmed and ironed, but they still seem to be 'standing up' a bit.
Perhaps quilters pin these down? Hmn.....
LITTLE APPLES, by Aneela Hoey for moda
Here is the backing , I had two full yards and pieced the rest to fit.
Pretty excited .... I am soaking the bamboo batting .
I am also looking at more fabric :))
I've got the bug now...you see.

Look at these quilts !!!!!!!!!!
THey certain are inspiringly gorgeous .
Orb Quilt ( with tutorial ) 
Heather Ross Mini on Flickr
Quilt as you go blocks on Flickr
Darling Doll's quilt on Etsy

Any of you working on a quilting project?
I'm about to try FREE MOTION QUILTING for the first time !
I know my machine is up for it, (am I?)


  1. You are brave. Quilts intimidate the heck out of me. And don't get me started on curtains. How hard could they be, I thought. HARD!! Your work looks great. Best wishes. xx

  2. When I have made quilts in the past I have always just let things happen the way they do :) but you could probably starch spray or use an adhesive spray for quilting to keep those seams in check x