Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hello, its almost February. 
It's almost 4 weeks now just the four of us.
Almost spring? 
Sometimes, things feel hard. Sometimes, they feel easier. I think it's sometimes based on the weather, my feelings, their moods. 
Sometimes everyone feels like crying or screaming all day . Sometimes the sun shines and the spirits are lifted and everyone feels happy and hopeful and creative. Sometimes, its a sit by the fire and spin or knit day; while the kids go about things in their own free will. 

Free will is a good topic to write about, and to think about. An unstructured hour, day, or moment in time is important. For all of us, both young and old. So many times, its just refreshing to "do what you want". Without someone guiding you or setting rules for this and that and saying for how long or in what way or whatever.
To make your own mistakes and go from there. To not know exactly everything, or anything at all. To simply breathe and try and enjoy being alive. 

It's almost February. I think spring is coming soon. 
Winter's nice too. 


  1. Good read and beautiful photos.

  2. It's been a long winter, agreed! Great post and blog :-)