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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our summer vacay

Apollo 11 - Moon Voyage Shuttle Cap !!!!!! 
 We have gone and are back from our Summer Vacation to the beach !
It was a great time of fun, and its always great to come back home :)

We went down to the Georgia Coast to Jekyll Island , where I saw a Bald Eagle in the wild !!
Then we went down to Cocoa Beach Florida for a week , it was nice there, beautiful beaches and wonderful fresh seafood. John and I endulged in a Thai Foods Resteurant several times, aaaah sushi! He had the crispy fried duck and I the smoked Eel and a to die for Thai Broccoli and Wild Mushroom Chicken dish. Oh, man. It.was.good.

Jarrah got his first ocean visit. He got to crawl down in the sand and play with shells and he loved it. It was too cold to get in the water, but Jack and Nesta enjoyed running down into the waves and gathering shells and building sandcastles and burying each other and erupting Mummy Like as "Sandman".  Boys.

We visited the John F. Kennedy NASA Space Center while in Cocoa Beach. It was educational and very interesting. Several real live retired rockets we got to look at up close and personal. Including the actual hub which the Apollo 11 Astronauts rode in when they took us on that monumental trip to the MOON. Which some of you may remember? :)

Oh, and the best part was the ending ! Where we stopped for the weekend with our old friends Joe , Molly, Levi, and Indigo in Cairo Georgia for a much needed visit. It was the first time we'd seen their new Southern Home and It was ever charming. We were treated to the best hospitality, and incredible food. Thank you so much guys, it was an incredible visit ! I came home with some seedlings, and an awesome Oak strip basket !!!!!!!  - My pics are on the other camera and they won't download on my laptop! - ;(

Easter was wonderful with my parents next door, mama cooked a fantastic meal and had organized the best little egg hung. The boys loved it, I am ( we all are ) so lucky to live right next door to my folks.
It is a beautiful day outside, sunny and warm, and I am going out to sew some seeds.
Happy Spring !!!! xoxoxo

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  1. I keep losing your blog but every time I find it, it is such a treat! What a lovely vacation!!