Sunday, August 11, 2013

Canning Tomatos

                            Next on the list ..... Canning Tomato 's !
I have not canned many tomatoes this year.. ok none.
Not because they are not in a thrive ( daddy's mostly ),
but because my Johnny makes some good tomato relish.
So we let him.

                    However, I had some extras I set aside to try
my very own Tomato Sauce.

Introducing........  Rosemary & GArlic Tomato Sauce.
All ingredients from the garden. Except garlic. ahem. next year.
34 Tomatoes, some big some little. Wash, core, then dip in boiling hot water to remove skins. I then cooled them, and squished them in my hands to let the seeds run out. Messy yes.
Next I cut up 5 bell peppers and placed onto pan with garlic cloves, unpeeled. Drizzle in olive oil and roast until skins looks easy to peel off. They still wont be easy, but it was done anyway. It's much tastier. Place tomatoes, peppers, three rosemary sprigs, and garlic ( that you've put thru your fancy garlic presser ) into a pot and boil, then slowly simmer. Voila !

I ate a meal strait away with pasta, cheese and cracked pepper.

True fresh preservative free garden food !
All of that ,,, made three jars. Three stinkin' jars.
I mean, three DELICIOUS JARS.  ;)


                                                       BABIES !

                                                   - NO Not BABIES, pears -
                                                       Next  is   PEARS. :)

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