Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rocks and getting old

Going down the Gibb River Road was fun !
Western Australia is a beautiful  part of this world, and those who can see it are definitely the better for it.
I have been quite reflective of it all lately, and as  my 36th birthday swiftly approaches, I feel quite ancient, but not quite as ancient as these rocks :)
It's great to get out there and put yourself and your life into perspective with it all.
This universe spins round and round and we as humans are only a split second in the history of it all.
I can say today, its great to be human, and alive and all a part of it all.
Peace !


  1. awesome, in many ways it reminds of africa. i'm glad you were able to experiance it, sounds completely amazing. i'm pretty sure age is truly an enigma in a way, i'm exactly 20 years older than you (when you turn 36) and i don't feel ancient (most times!). happy almost birthday sweetie!

  2. It looks enchanted. A mix of so many places in my mind - the rocks a little like Utah. Tell me about the big trees.